Ugggh I’m coughing up nasty tasting stuff, anyway gone midnight again but i’m going to try and get my new practice regime down in blog type paper. So I was doing some browsing on some lifedrawing forums and a few youtube videos and one of the concept artist I like said words to the effect of don’t just keep drawing, yes you will get better but there is a quicker way to mastery. He broke concept drawing down into 6 parts that now hang on my wall in list form, these were.


  • Colour
  • anatomy
  • perspective
  • Composition
  • Design
  • Storytelling


and withing each of these secions there are multiple sub sections. If your trying to do everything at once your goal is too distant and your brain will get bored. Up untill this point my goal had been “become OK at concept art”, a bit vague. Reading round the life drawing sites I saw this advice mirrored again but missing some of the concept specifics like design and storytelling.


The Plan

I think I’ve spend 17 days so far life drawing, I think I’ve got faster if nothing else and I flow better, not so much sure if my quality has improved but I’ve never had a problem with patience and attention to detail so I’m not that fussed. Now we focus, First I want to master anatomy, so first i’m concentrating on the head, 100 face drawing concentrating on positioning the features. I’ve been using the technique detailed here, this guys set of head tutorial are great so I’d reccomend watching all 4. and trying to construct a face from a life model using this construction method, once I’ve got all the features in I overlay a screenshot of the model and see how I’ve done, After the face I’m going to move on to the head/shoulders and do 100 drawings of thoes. I hope this will help me see better gains faster than simply life drawing indefinately. I think once today I managed to get the proportion bang on which was nice. Here’s todays sketches oh and with yesterday I’m rounding this off at 13 head drawings so far, I don’t count repetes or simple manakin contructions.

So I did quite a bit more drawing today, not a huge number of heads completed, but I was very happy with feature placement and proportion on a couple of today so practice seems to be paying off. Before I just into heads I did some gestures and a quick paint because I like them. then I went onto heads, see all of today’s work below. I used more of this guys tutorials to help with my features and placement I would highly recommend all of them. Here be work…. Ohhh seems I forgot to save the 4 smaller heads, dangit, still I’m up to 18, 82 to go.

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