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20 heads

Just can’t take hang overs any more, didn’t get a chance to draw for the past 2 days, then some minor adjustment to lameframe turned out to be a massive time train today. Managed to get 2 heads done. I’m strictly just concentrating on feature placement for now. I want my first 100 heads to be all about feature placement, and the getting of it right, so nothing hugely interesting or good looking, just construction lines and measurements. When I overlayed the photo’s on the drawing for the most part the bits were in the right places, doesn’t make it any prettier though. I think once I get up to 80 heads, I’ll start putting feature in over the top nicely. There’s 7 stages to my anatomy get good program, I’m in step 1, that’s 100 heads in varied angles, next comes 100 head AND shoulders, crazy stuff, but once i’m there I’ll be rendering a lot more, or at least trying to find a line art style I like. for now we have blergggh pics, it’s a means to an end. now I must sleep.

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