Back again

Spent a few days not drawing, wee I did try yesterday after building my new desk but it went really bad so I didn’t post it, but here something for today. On the desk subject it’s huge and awesome, and I’m so glad not to have my keyboard half on top of my tablet while I’m drawing, yay for over compensating, I just need to annex the lady’s new office chair and I’m set.


New Site

So I was getting really frustrated with the old drupal based site, So I rebuilt it today, WordPress all the way go take a look it’s awesome.


Go to Front Page!

25 Heads (drawn not taken)

So we’re up to 25 heads, again it’s silly o clock, I know this because all pets have woken up and are commencing noise making procedures. Still was a productive day, only failed to do 1 job which can be done tomorrow. The routine I’ve settled into provides variety and is interesting to me so I’ll probably keep it up. I started off with 3 pages trying to draw perfect circles, then a page of evenly spaced parallel lines, before doing the gestures you see in the images below, followed by the head studies, I’m getting the features in pretty much the right spot every time now, so I might start trying to improve the speed of the layout and construction lines next and try to render somewhat finished faces as opposed to just trying to place features but we’ll see. Today’s black and white render swung back and forwards a lot, I kept adding in more contrast then washed it out then added more, I learned that eye are actually a heck of a lot duller than you’d think, which probably explains why yesterdays drawing looked so weird. anyway I’m really happy with the progress, so lets see more of the same. Also I’m thinking of tearing down this drupal site and replacing it with a wordpress one, drupal is great for extreme customisation but I just want a blog and building parts in drupal is a hassle I don’t need.


20 heads

Just can’t take hang overs any more, didn’t get a chance to draw for the past 2 days, then some minor adjustment to lameframe turned out to be a massive time train today. Managed to get 2 heads done. I’m strictly just concentrating on feature placement for now. I want my first 100 heads to be all about feature placement, and the getting of it right, so nothing hugely interesting or good looking, just construction lines and measurements. When I overlayed the photo’s on the drawing for the most part the bits were in the right places, doesn’t make it any prettier though. I think once I get up to 80 heads, I’ll start putting feature in over the top nicely. There’s 7 stages to my anatomy get good program, I’m in step 1, that’s 100 heads in varied angles, next comes 100 head AND shoulders, crazy stuff, but once i’m there I’ll be rendering a lot more, or at least trying to find a line art style I like. for now we have blergggh pics, it’s a means to an end. now I must sleep.

18 heads down 82 to go


Ugggh I’m coughing up nasty tasting stuff, anyway gone midnight again but i’m going to try and get my new practice regime down in blog type paper. So I was doing some browsing on some lifedrawing forums and a few youtube videos and one of the concept artist I like said words to the effect of don’t just keep drawing, yes you will get better but there is a quicker way to mastery. He broke concept drawing down into 6 parts that now hang on my wall in list form, these were.


  • Colour
  • anatomy
  • perspective
  • Composition
  • Design
  • Storytelling


and withing each of these secions there are multiple sub sections. If your trying to do everything at once your goal is too distant and your brain will get bored. Up untill this point my goal had been “become OK at concept art”, a bit vague. Reading round the life drawing sites I saw this advice mirrored again but missing some of the concept specifics like design and storytelling.


The Plan

I think I’ve spend 17 days so far life drawing, I think I’ve got faster if nothing else and I flow better, not so much sure if my quality has improved but I’ve never had a problem with patience and attention to detail so I’m not that fussed. Now we focus, First I want to master anatomy, so first i’m concentrating on the head, 100 face drawing concentrating on positioning the features. I’ve been using the technique detailed here, this guys set of head tutorial are great so I’d reccomend watching all 4. and trying to construct a face from a life model using this construction method, once I’ve got all the features in I overlay a screenshot of the model and see how I’ve done, After the face I’m going to move on to the head/shoulders and do 100 drawings of thoes. I hope this will help me see better gains faster than simply life drawing indefinately. I think once today I managed to get the proportion bang on which was nice. Here’s todays sketches oh and with yesterday I’m rounding this off at 13 head drawings so far, I don’t count repetes or simple manakin contructions.

So I did quite a bit more drawing today, not a huge number of heads completed, but I was very happy with feature placement and proportion on a couple of today so practice seems to be paying off. Before I just into heads I did some gestures and a quick paint because I like them. then I went onto heads, see all of today’s work below. I used more of this guys tutorials to help with my features and placement I would highly recommend all of them. Here be work…. Ohhh seems I forgot to save the 4 smaller heads, dangit, still I’m up to 18, 82 to go.

Day 17 (I think)

I’ve got a lot to write, but it’s gone 1 in the morning and I have work tomorrow, the upshot is I’ve taken some advice from youtube tutorials and life drawing websites mainly and to get better quickly I should concentrate on mastering small steps. I will list the steps tomorrow after sleep, but for now I will concentrate on drawing 100 faces, that is step 1 if I go slow it should take 30 days to get feature placement down, though I think I’ll manage more than the 3 a day Recommended for 33 day sucess. Today I drew 7 only 93 to go!

Day 16 Chipping away

Bit of practice today, very little to write home about, but I did rediscover a site I used a few times a long time ago. posemaniacs which offer a different type of experience to the other pose drawing tool I’ve been using lately. The pose angles are a lot more extreme, you will get poses where you say WTF I can’t draw that, but it’s good to try, also the models are CG and there’s no real lighting so it’s a very different tool but just for pose practice as the title suggests. It’s also a lot stricter  there’s no pause button and you can’t skip back or forward so it forces you out of your comfort zone I’ll pop back there now and again I think.

Happy Days

So day 15 of trying to draw everyday it’s probably more like day 30 because I’ve missed a few days, but still this is the 15th day where I’ve managed to meaningfully put pen to digital paper. It’s a good day, I didn’t do any life drawing or intentionally set out do draw a finished picture, I wanted to get a feel for the character in my head down on paper. Now I didn’t achieved that goal, no where near, it will probably take many many more sessions before I even come close to something I’m happy with. However I do feel really positive about what I produced, not because it’s good or finished, in all honesty it’s pretty much garbage, but it’s an improvement over the last time I tried about 2 weeks ago. I wouldn’t even say the drawing are better than that time, they’re probably not.

So why am I so excited? because it flowed I pulled poses out  of the air with abandon, I wasn’t hung up on proportion or anatomy, I was just trying to get a silhouette that read the way I felt, and for a moment I got a glimpse of something that I was aiming for, something that I can build on, for me it was a feeling of growth and it was awesome, still a long way to go, long long way, but I now feel like I’ve taken a step

Day 14 (I drew a face)

Still hung up on proportions you can see a few images that I did a number of times just to try and get things the right lengths by eye. in particulaly bad drawing the legs were 50% longer and the arms 50% shorter, spent alot of time on the face of my final drawing which you can see as a stand alone, she’s a bit on the skinny side compared to the model, and just looks flat somehow, but we’ll work on that next time.

Not great at colour

Thought I’d try colour today, venture out of grey scale, there potential but must practice lots. I didn’t take to it very well but I’ve always known colour is one of my weak point. However I did have a few moments picking out bounced light, and sub surface scattering. both the colour drawings you see got developed further but then had it removed because I’d made it go bad. and before I know it it’s 1am.

If anyone’s interest In seeing all my drawing in one place, from now on I’ll be adding my practice sketches to my deviant art account in the scraps section of the gallery, here and fingers crossed this gets pushed to facebook, access tokens confused me for a while but I think I got it in the end. Still struggling with twitter integration, though not for any reason that should be a reason. I’ve tried to verify 6 email addresses and twitter just won’t send through the confirmation email, I even started up a new account to test and it came through straight away. but I want @lameframe to work and it’s just borked.