25 Heads (drawn not taken)

So we’re up to 25 heads, again it’s silly o clock, I know this because all pets have woken up and are commencing noise making procedures. Still was a productive day, only failed to do 1 job which can be done tomorrow. The routine I’ve settled into provides variety and is interesting to me so I’ll probably keep it up. I started off with 3 pages trying to draw perfect circles, then a page of evenly spaced parallel lines, before doing the gestures you see in the images below, followed by the head studies, I’m getting the features in pretty much the right spot every time now, so I might start trying to improve the speed of the layout and construction lines next and try to render somewhat finished faces as opposed to just trying to place features but we’ll see. Today’s black and white render swung back and forwards a lot, I kept adding in more contrast then washed it out then added more, I learned that eye are actually a heck of a lot duller than you’d think, which probably explains why yesterdays drawing looked so weird. anyway I’m really happy with the progress, so lets see more of the same. Also I’m thinking of tearing down this drupal site and replacing it with a wordpress one, drupal is great for extreme customisation but I just want a blog and building parts in drupal is a hassle I don’t need.


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