day 4

Day 4

here’s today sketches, only managed to get 15 mins in today, a little disappointed but every little helps. I realised I’ve never explained why I’m trying to sketch everyday. It boils down to the short/game I want to make, I have a lot of ideas but I just can’t get them down on paper effectively. I life draw well enough given a sufficient amount of time, but I lack the skill to put my characters and concepts down in an reasonable time frame without reference. I’ve choreographed fight scene in my head on a daily basis while waiting for my train home from work, but I struggle to translate the ideas into images and fail at my animistics. So I guess I’m grinding my skills to borrow from gaming terminology, I don’t want to become an industry leading concept artist just want to be good enough to record my ideas and flesh them out/develop them effectively as developing ideas in CG is just a massive time burn. I realised that while I was working on the armor suit without a solid foundation. Any way here today offering.

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