Not great at colour

Thought I’d try colour today, venture out of grey scale, there potential but must practice lots. I didn’t take to it very well but I’ve always known colour is one of my weak point. However I did have a few moments picking out bounced light, and sub surface scattering. both the colour drawings you see got developed further but then had it removed because I’d made it go bad. and before I know it it’s 1am.

If anyone’s interest In seeing all my drawing in one place, from now on I’ll be adding my practice sketches to my deviant art account in the scraps section of the gallery, here and fingers crossed this gets pushed to facebook, access tokens confused me for a while but I think I got it in the end. Still struggling with twitter integration, though not for any reason that should be a reason. I’ve tried to verify 6 email addresses and twitter just won’t send through the confirmation email, I even started up a new account to test and it came through straight away. but I want @lameframe to work and it’s just borked.

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