So I joined deviant art

Always though about it never really did it, didn’t think I was any good, certainly not prolific enough but any way the profile is up there now. I’ve filled it with many of my old works and the better life drawings I’ve done recently. 3 of my pictures were favoutited within an hour so thats good, I suppose I’ll have to be joining twitter and facebook soon, god I hate being social, the only reason I’m wrighting this is because no one comes to read it. If I though people were reading my blog I’d try a bit more with the grammer and spelling. Any way If I want to grow as an artist I’ll need to speak to people eventually so I’ll get me some social soon.

Here this can be today drawing it’s one of my old comics I found, pay carefull attention to how the guy looks totally different in the 2 images. Go young me! according to the file name this is page 23, I can only remember 4 pages.


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