Long Gap, Back with some webdesign

Hi people who might or might not be there I’ve had a long break almost a month, but aside from a big of burn out I’ve been focusing my efforts in another direction, I’ve been trying to get my web business up and running so I can spend more time drawing and work on my sci-fi junk, funny how we get to the things we want. Here’s some things I’ve been working on, I’m going to turn it into a portfolio section for web design me thinks.

First site I’ve been working on is  for a pub in a small village, it’s not live yet but can be seen it here hopefully it’d going live in a few weeks, it’s been given the theoretical go ahead.

Head 40

Up to the 40th head, today, not a great or expedient picture but I spent quite a bit of time studying mouth muscles after some advice on a concept forum, I’ll spend the next few days studying the jaw and mouth in greater depth. Found a few good resources for anyone that’s interested.

and a written version of the proko tutorial on lips with some usefull images.

3D Scull scan that you can move around

Here’s today gestures and warm up sketches.



Off day

I was really up for some drawing today. The kids fell a sleep super early, i’d hoovered done the washing and loaded the dishwasher by 7 I was set, I grabbed a boozy ginger beer and sat down to work, at first it was going ok, I got some gestures in, then attempted a few silhouettes to get some ideas for my strike suit. I went off in search of a feedback forum to try get some advice and when I came back it just all went to Hell. I think by that point I was on my second bottle of grown up juice and instead of loosening me up, it just clammed me up, oh well here’s today drivel, gonna go for an early be me thinks. I might pick this one up again later and perverse a bit.



Head heads 38 heads

More heads, I did some really bad drawing but got totally into the last one, It’s not great I didn’t bother to test for feature placement on the rendered one because I was happy with how it was going, the system works (I think), while I was working I had a few youtube videos running, it was nice to see the trials a professional artist goes through, makes me realise they’re human too. This video. I’m hoping I’m improving but I really need some guidance and feed back, I need to find some forums.




here’s the warm up before the faces.warm-up

heads and some figure drawing.

Last nigh I broke into the 30’s I think 33 heads drawn so far, it a little hard being so anal about feature placement alone, I get a little disappointed that I’m not finishing any pictures, since I get so little time drawing, but I’m hitting feature reasonably consistently so even if I don’t have anything I’d show to any body I know it’s working. I realised last night that I’m struggling with the neck and shoulders without the body to draw comparison lines/angles and distances with, so I’m going to modify my get good at things schedule, to remove the 100 heads and shoulders and work it into the torso practice. Here’s my warm up page from today


I thought I’d post the reference photo’s I used this time in case anyone’s interested. The faces come from a very useful deviant art account, and the figure drawing used the pixel lovely tool again.






Also give credit to proko once again for his youtube tutorials, which I use to construct the heads very much recommended.


More head practice

The feature placement is coming on quite well, I still really struggle with downwards tilts, I always underestimate how big the crown gets. Still getting better, the one in the picture isn’t really representative of the naff pics I was producing up until that point, that was about attempt 3 on that image.

where is the time?

Ever wish you had that watch from that children’s show that stops time? I spent the last few days moving lameframe to a new host, fighting with a twitter account, and then moving a bunch more sites to a new host, and all I want to do is draw more heads.

I did an hours session on figures today hoping to try and get some heads in before mid night before I start going backwards in practice. Also got a sketch of Lithia done, though I tried to start filling it out but it didn’t go so well, will try again another day and now the avaria sections gone no-one will know who Lithia is.

lithia1I also did 3 more face it really shows how quickly pracice wears off. They were awefull, this one was passable, I can’t wait till I’m done with the 1st hundred, which makes you wonder why I carry on but I just want to make sure I can place features accurately every time then we can concentrate on nice looking things, and breaking the rules I’ve learned.