where is the time?

Ever wish you had that watch from that children’s show that stops time? I spent the last few days moving lameframe to a new host, fighting with a twitter account, and then moving a bunch more sites to a new host, and all I want to do is draw more heads.

I did an hours session on figures today hoping to try and get some heads in before mid night before I start going backwards in practice. Also got a sketch of Lithia done, though I tried to start filling it out but it didn’t go so well, will try again another day and now the avaria sections gone no-one will know who Lithia is.

lithia1I also did 3 more face it really shows how quickly pracice wears off. They were awefull, this one was passable, I can’t wait till I’m done with the 1st hundred, which makes you wonder why I carry on but I just want to make sure I can place features accurately every time then we can concentrate on nice looking things, and breaking the rules I’ve learned.



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