heads and some figure drawing.

Last nigh I broke into the 30’s I think 33 heads drawn so far, it a little hard being so anal about feature placement alone, I get a little disappointed that I’m not finishing any pictures, since I get so little time drawing, but I’m hitting feature reasonably consistently so even if I don’t have anything I’d show to any body I know it’s working. I realised last night that I’m struggling with the neck and shoulders without the body to draw comparison lines/angles and distances with, so I’m going to modify my get good at things schedule, to remove the 100 heads and shoulders and work it into the torso practice. Here’s my warm up page from today


I thought I’d post the reference photo’s I used this time in case anyone’s interested. The faces come from a very useful deviant art account, and the figure drawing used the pixel lovely tool again.






Also give credit to proko once again for his youtube tutorials, which I use to construct the heads very much recommended.


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