I Tried Colour

I think I spent about an hour on it, I had a reference image but was also trying to stylize it some what. I’m so inexperienced with colour, and have generally stuck to working in grey scale, but I figure if I want to start drawing characters I just have to try more stuff, it came out OK considering it’s my second attempt as using colour, something’s off about it so I’m going to leave it I think and keep trying new things. Helpful crit is welcome.

I have a few hours step 1

I managed to find more time than I expected tonight, and the drawing seems to be flowing better. Above is the longer drawings and below the gestures.


More Practice

I tried to render an image again today, it didn’t go well I’ve done much better much quicker before but that’s what lack of practice does to you I guess. Here be today’s work.


WIPI’m still trying , still forcing myself to produce drawing I don’t like in the hopes that one day I will like them, for the past 3 days I did nothing useful, that’s how I would put it. I think I was just relearning muscle memory, and how to use a pen again. today for at least a brief period marks seemed to be going down where I wanted them and I was happy with the figures and gestures I was pumping out. So that’s progress. I also managed to start my measuring stick piece.

I saw a video a little while ago from concept cookies YouTube channel the guy who does the live streams there re works an image every year to see how his skills have improved, so I’m doing that too. I’m trying to do a group photo of the characters from my story since I’ve never managed to put any of them down in a meaningfully way so this will be it. I took a day to find a pose/setup I was happyish with, I’ve realised I struggle to spontaneously come up with poses but practice should help that. I left it over night and today I worked on a scene and composition and some rough line work, not yet sure what the but thing is they’re sitting on, it’s either a rock or the severed hand of a giant robot. The work in progress is above, and today’s gesture drawing are below. I’m going to keep working on this image until it is the absolute best image I can do at my current level then in about a years time i’m going to revisit the piece and redo the idea as best I can then. Hopefully I should see some improvement.



I have stupid fingers

1I really have to remind myself not to expect greatness instantly, it’s going to be hard and take dedication, but I will do it. I’m contemplating signing up to a concept art course. Learn at your own pace type stuff, I’ll probably be signing up after Christmas if finances permit.

Did the class thing on this site http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing/ it gives you a load of poses quick at first getting longer, I think it’s a great tool but I really need to join a forum somewhere get some feedback.


Back to drawing

I managed to find some time to draw yesterday which made me happy, nothing exciting, just some gesture drawings. I did a few pages but discarded the first few before I managed to get back into the swing of it. Not much to look at but i’m happy just to be doing something again. These were 1 minute poses.

I was watching some youtube game plays yesterday too. I really want to have a go at this game.

How many times now?

I can’t remember how many times I’ve left my blog to fester while I’ve not had the time or oomph to work on it, and it happened again.

Had a few big changes in the missing time though, lets see, I’ve left my day job, started my own business and had a hand in a few others. It felt like more things when I was saying it in my head, doesn’t look like a lot on paper. Oh I stopped being a fat desk monkey, joined a Gym and started eating right, that’s going well. I also turned 30. More things are starting to add up now, and this is just turning into a stream of consciousness, I bet it’s horrible to read, tell me in the comments how hard it was to read my ramblings.

I think the reason I’ve come back to my home on the internet is to try and create a bit of a record and some accountability for myself. It seems like in the last week I’ve undergone so many major things I need to get my thoughts together. I want to try and break things into sections but it all seems very interwoven in my head, but I’m going to try.

Leaving my Job

I’ve been working as a web/design/general tech/ware-houseman/phone answer-er & order taker at a small local business for the last 4 years, I think for about 2-3 of those I’ve been trying to break out on my own, slowly chipping away in my own time. As of yesterday, mon 2nd Nov I started my first full week working for myself. It’s a little worrying, won’t lie but my business is stable and the income is recurring so it just felt like it was time to redirect all my efforts into growing my own business rather than someone else’s.

If i’m honest I was really unhappy and unsatisfied at my work, it’d been going downhill for a long time which had pressed me into working even harder to make the move. I worked with some great people but an utter failure in management had meant the place had stagnated and was becoming more and more unbearable. I was also leaving in the morning before my kids were awake and was arriving home after they were asleep, it was not the way I wanted to live and it was slowly destroying me.

That’s all behind me now though, and my success or failure now depends on me alone, and so far I’ve been able to spend alot more time in the evenings with my family and i’m alot happier, no more 18 hour days either YAY!

Wish me luck.

Health and turning 30

So I’m 30 now holy f*ck, I still figure my age as 10 + * but that doesn’t seem appropriate any more. Anyway the last 4 years of constantly sitting at a pc for 2/3 of the day eating whatever I fancied that morning didn’t do my figure any good. I couldn’t fit into many of my clothes any more and I was struggling to tie my shoes at points, not good really. Anyway not going to dwell on it, a little over 6 weeks ago I thought enough is enough and made some changes. It’s been going really well, luckily for me I know a great personal trainer and a new reasonably priced gym opened up really close to me about the same time and I’ve not looked back. The most immediate change happened because of my diet change I believe, cutting out carbohydrates for the most part seemed impossible at first but you get used to it. After about a week a massive amount of bloating goes down.

matt in danger of getting too large.

I looked at myself and though reign it in before it goes too far.

Before this I’ve never been to a gym I didn’t think they were for me, there was a knowledge gap I didn’t think needed filling or I was afraid to fill, I’m not sure, it seems very silly looking back on it. I’d tell myself I’ll just fix my bike up and cycle to work that’ll keep me in good shape, and to an extent it did. When I lived 19 miles away from my job cycling in the summer certainly did help, but when I got a closer job and didn’t have to worry about finding money for the train any more I got lazy and quite often made excuses. In the end you can’t exercise yourself healthy anyway, not without putting the right food in your body, and I don’t think that’s something I would have believed had I not made the change myself.

I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a week with some friends and it feel like a totally different place than I expected, I still find it really strange that large amounts of people gather in a building to lift heavy things and put them down again, or run on the spot for ages, but i’m much more comfortable in that environment than I was initially. Plus I can really see the difference. I’m glad I caught myself before I got silly because my road back will be quite short and easy but I can’t say enough how happy I am to have started that journey. Seeing the change as it happens is a great motivator and I’m really looking forward to seeing it continue.

I’m probably going to be blogging a bit more about this just to keep myself accountable to the wider world, but I might squirrel it away elsewhere on the site no one wants to see pics of me in my pants every week.



I still want to draw so badly… I was making some decent progress with regular practice before I had to concentrate my effort in other areas. Now I have more time again and I’ve been watching livestreams and tutorial on drawing again. Today I searched my house to dig up my tablet again and undertook a mammoth search to find the right drivers for my 6 versions out of date wacom (had to get them from the .asia site in the end). I got there in the end but didn’t have time to start drawing, tomorrow though I intend to pick it back up again, I’m all prepared; no excuses. I’ll probably loosely carry on with my specific area of practice like before but with a bit more fun stuff mixed in. I’ve been working on my sci-fi stuff in my head again, every time I listen to my favorite music, a fight scene happens and I’ve just got to get this stuff out of my head. I’ve been making some changes to how this site functions to try and make a bit of a wiki/brain dump so I can start to refine and get these Ideas out of my head.

This song for example

Every time I listen to it I work on the story of the 1st Airborne company. The most elite scout unit in the Avarian military. Usually deployed alone or in teams of 3 to scout the wild lands and monitor the threat level from the wild manifested that inhabit the continent. An unprecedented situation has called for their deployment em mass. They jump from Airships floating high above the continent and as they enter cloud cover thin spines protrude from the back of their armored bodysuits and fan out into wing like structure, a feint blue glow shimmers between the spines and the soldiers and shot towards their destination by their high-tek wing suits.

I’m probably gonna have to put this in it’s own post it’s getting a bit long now and I could yabber on about the mechs fighting with the manifested in my head for hours, it should stand on it’s own.