WIPI’m still trying , still forcing myself to produce drawing I don’t like in the hopes that one day I will like them, for the past 3 days I did nothing useful, that’s how I would put it. I think I was just relearning muscle memory, and how to use a pen again. today for at least a brief period marks seemed to be going down where I wanted them and I was happy with the figures and gestures I was pumping out. So that’s progress. I also managed to start my measuring stick piece.

I saw a video a little while ago from concept cookies YouTube channel the guy who does the live streams there re works an image every year to see how his skills have improved, so I’m doing that too. I’m trying to do a group photo of the characters from my story since I’ve never managed to put any of them down in a meaningfully way so this will be it. I took a day to find a pose/setup I was happyish with, I’ve realised I struggle to spontaneously come up with poses but practice should help that. I left it over night and today I worked on a scene and composition and some rough line work, not yet sure what the but thing is they’re sitting on, it’s either a rock or the severed hand of a giant robot. The work in progress is above, and today’s gesture drawing are below. I’m going to keep working on this image until it is the absolute best image I can do at my current level then in about a years time i’m going to revisit the piece and redo the idea as best I can then. Hopefully I should see some improvement.



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