A Very British Mentalist

Interesting weeks are interesting. I had a site go so popular it completely overwhelmed my cloud hosting ability to cope. I think I was back in the office for a day or 2 after new years when the brand went viral. A few well place blog entries in select nerdy communities, a few well placed tweets from some well known individuals and the brand was everywhere, luckily most of the links were pointing to a shop on etsy, but there was enough spilling onto my site to consistently overload the host. First time I’d ever had that happen.

I used to be a massive fan of my hosting company, but in recent years their service has degraded considerably and it’s going to be a struggle to break out since we’re established on their new cloud system, in any case I moved over to wp engine and the difference is amazing, i’m sold, it’s much more expensive but dear god does it show. They’ve managed to adsorb the increased traffic and more and the site runs better than our smallest quietest sites on my old host, guys you have impressed me and I don’t think that’s easy. Anyway check out the funky 3d faces it’s a very cool idea, nice site too 😉

Anyway it’s been a mental week and I need this


Oh.. I did laugh at myself,  I did the most British thing today, I was walking to my office down a corridor someone at the end of the end was holding the door for me so I stepped through and said thank you. I watched them walk away through the glass pannel before stepping back through the door and stepping stepping into my office just on the other side.

I stopped drawing again didn’t I? I’m so bad at this, instead I’ve been trying to get all the stuff out of my head and building int into a Wiki of sorts, it’s a little bit secret I’m not shouting about it yet but if one or 2 people check it out I’d love some feedback. Avaria


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