I don’t think my blogs usually stick to one subject, this is no exception. I’ll jump into the most interesting news, my realisation that everything I buy is mildly disappointing. Being a British stereotype that I am, I accept this as normal and politely move on with my day. I never even realised it till today. I buy lunch with reasonable frequency during the work week, I eat it and forget about it today I had a revelation. “This is nice bread” it’s crunchy and doesn’t taste like damp sponge, “what a delight” exclaimed the monocled man in my head. The filling was average but god damn I was impressed with the non day old bread and then I thought, why am I impressed? because this isn’t a disappointment? This sandwich is palatable, colour me impressed, and that’s when I realised for months and months I’ve just been mildly disappointed with near enough everything I’ve brought. My lunches always suck, meals out are expensive and disappointing, my recent headphone purchases:

  • On earphones, good sound too tight & hurt my ears.
  • Hook-over earphones, comfy as fuck, shit sound quality.
  • Over-ear-phones, too big and bulky.

My 15 year old headphones recently broke, and I love them and just want them back. Nothing is as good. Blood hell I’m an old man. I’m contemplating a new vlog series, mildly disappointing reviews: the story of everything.

More Exciting News

The Lamefame store is open! see the shop tab at the top? that’s a shop. it’s got some nerdy goodies in it. Shipping is free over £15 for most countries. There’s a few items which are really crap see if you can spot them (hint:they have crap in the name). So the shop is a bit of a way to help support our Lameframe activities, money will go towards out streaming and video editing setup the first purchase will be a second pc for Kat and me to stream together. So if you are in the mood pick up some merch and help support Lameframe.


Today is Wednesday, on Monday and Tuesday I sat at a desk all day and got very little useful done. No tasks were knocking down my door so I had comfort room. Today is going reasonably similar, though I have spent 3 hours fighting with something that should have been simple, it feels very unproductive. At lunch time I thought I was hungry, so I walked to a couple of shops and decided I wasn’t hungry for those things and walked back to my desk. Yesterday I spent hours organising stream overlays and subscriber alerts, I told myself it was necessary. Today I’ve set up automated tweets and facebook posts that go out when I blog, that’s useful right…


On Monday I pulled all my T-shirts out the draws, bagged half of them up for charity and organised the rest, I now have a draw of ones I like, a draw of massive sloby ones, a draw of jumpers I never wear and a draw split between decorating attire and smart-ish ones, I don’t own any actual smart clothes… that was productive?

I could go on, but the point I’m trying to make myself realise is. These are minor satellite tasks, distractions almost, not usefull in the grand scheme. If I’d gotten on with what I should be doing I wouldn’t have a jobs list for the rest of the week. Instead I’ve sat at screens for 3 days and all I’ve successfully done to myself is a headache, because I’m comfy I can get away with this. I have enough in the bank for food and bills and it makes you slip into a terrible rut. I’m not hungry or driven right now, I need that feeling back. I’m going to go search for some motivation. I used to find it in a good playlist but that doesn’t seam to be having the effect these days. Maybe coffee is the answer.

Just a side note, in streaming news I got my camera yesterday another thing I wasted time on, stream overlays. All the same its an awesome camera and I can’t wait to start streaming with it. With the newer model out the price has dropped and if you lookout for the amazon warehouse one with scuffed packaging you can get it pretty cheap.

Hope to see you on a stream one day soon

If there’s anyone that reads these blogs and I’m a little dubious of that, you might have noticed that my attentions are all over the place, I spin a lot of plates. This usually means things don’t get the attention they need to be complete/work properly.

Things that make you.. alive

There’s obviously the things that are vital: Family, food and work to support them, these things have to be taken care of. Work is currently on a bit of an upswing, I’m in the lucky position to be my own boss, so I can manage my time in a non conventional manner and work whenever works best, morning, Read more