Getting Stuff Done, or not really.

If there’s anyone that reads these blogs and I’m a little dubious of that, you might have noticed that my attentions are all over the place, I spin a lot of plates. This usually means things don’t get the attention they need to be complete/work properly.

Things that make you.. alive

There’s obviously the things that are vital: Family, food and work to support them, these things have to be taken care of. Work is currently on a bit of an upswing, I’m in the lucky position to be my own boss, so I can manage my time in a non conventional manner and work whenever works best, morning, mid-day or night. I left university in 2009 with first class honours from a terrible uni. I’ve had 3 jobs since then. I did some calculations the other day and after taking into account travel expenses only 1 of those jobs paid more than minimum wage, including what I do now, but next year’s going to be the end of that pattern. Like I said work is taking a positive turn.

My family life is great, I have a loving functioning unit around me, which seems to be the exception these days, and I’m thankful for them everyday. I have food in my belly and a warm house that isn’t quite the construction site it was 3 years ago. Science tells me these are the basics that your mind needs to secure, before you can focus on other creative things for fulfillment, and like I said these things should be secure for me in the new year.

Things that make you happy

That leaves the passion projects, smaller things like our Youtube channels, streaming on Twitch with the lady, doing exercise and loosing weight, DIY’ing the last few rooms in the house and more dominant right now is this sci-fi story I’ve been trying to extract from my brain. I’ve probably mentioned the 15 years I’ve attempted to get this out of my brain, well I’m writing it now, skips the need to master illustration/comics/game design and the time animation takes, and now that I’ve insulted every author in the world I will apologise. If your reading my blog you know I write terribly a lot of the time. Writing isn’t easy but I can work on it in iterations and improve the work in increments. It feels like i’m making progress towards my goal this way, rather than working towards a skill set and then to my goal. We’ve also bough a set of weights for me and the lady to try and become not puny, saying that I’ve done some good work in the gym before, but this way is cheaper for the 2 of us and there’s less chance of us making excuses. I also added a shop to the site, me and the lady had some merch left over from a previous project so I thought i’d wack it in a shop and it can help towards our studio setup.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this entry if I’m completely honest, maybe I’m trying to give people some advice on securing your basic needs to become more creative. I’m going to write a couple more blogs on the stories I’m writing and our adventures with weights and the lifting of them. I want to start publishing blogs more regularly and with a little more care and quality. I’m going to aim for twice a week as long as I have the time and meaning full content. I’ll probably post some blogs about the writing, the fitness, some tutorials on things from setting up for streaming, using photoshop, video editing, building a website anything really. Vote in the poll and I will listen

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