Week in review: Advance 2 spaces!

This has been a pretty good week for sorting my stuff out, even if I haven’t drawn as much as I wanted. So this is the best thing I’ve drawn to date.

What next? if we’re continuing to focus on faces I get some feedback from a few places. Which I will now recite as my homework in the hopes it sinks in.

  1. The hair is smushy and lazy, yes it is.
  2. The hairline needs work
  3. some edges are fuzzy, the barrier between face and hair for example should be sharper.
  4. the hair highlights should probably be more yellow, ginger hair highlights go yellow thanks to  http://www.sycra.net/forum user Greyphon for this example highlighting this 
  5. More contrast particularly in the hair (I do wash things out badly). Be braver with occlusion shadows.
  6. forehead perhaps not symmetrical
  7. also I had 2 different light sources and I forgot to colour the hair accordingly.

So I think that’s all the crit I got back from this image and it’s all valid and helpful. I will try harder on the next one.

Following on from my last post I’ve been painting a load of boxes over nudes and I think it’s helped me significantly with my torso’s. 

I still struggle joining the legs to pelvis but I’m doing a ton of gesture/figures with a 2 min time limit and that is going well. I’ll post some before and afters soon because I think my gestures are improving along with my anatomy.

Stay awesome internet.

Matt out!

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