Volume is important: Figure drawing

So I thought I’d write this lesson quickly but I plan to expand on it with a youtube video soon. It’s a little bit of a lesson about not giving up, persisting, and get in lots of practice drawings and not polishing turds. Today I was a little down because I was in the groove, I did one good figure drawing and then everything went to sh*t and I was only drawing garbage.

I did the one on the right, then went and did some housework came back and the others just weren’t as good and I was determined to sulk on the sofa for the rest of the day. However once the kids were in be I sat myself down and forced myself to work through it. I did a load more gesturea and then figure drawing and I wend from producing something OK in 20 mins, to something OK in 8 mins.

So just keep at it and you’ll get through your funk, also force yourself to draw lots, like my image changed every 8 mins really helped. Volume = faster improvements.


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