The prologue went well I though and now we have a chapter 1 is in a reasonable state. I did something cool in the stories with a popup system. If you see a link it’ll open a pop up with the piece of music that helped give me the idea for that section and you can play it if you want, closing the pop up doesn’t stop the song either so you can still listen while reading. I thought it was cool anyhow. In chapter one the main character gets introduced and hopefully comes across as the stoic badass I wanted her to be, laying into some bureaucrats and desk generals who’ve gotten themselves on her bad side. Read chapter one here and send me some feedback I’d honestly love to hear your thoughts.

See you next time

I’ve mentioned the voices in my head before, story I mean the story in my head. Can’t remember how much but it’s often enough that no-one cares, well I’ve been squirrelling away, starting to write the thing without making much noise about it. So far it’s mostly unchecked brain spew but I’ve got 4 chapters of brain spew and a vague outline of things to come, though I wouldn’t recommend reading that till I’ve had a chance to proofread it properly. What I do have is a prologue that I’ve read through many times and is probably ready for public ridicule and nit picking.In all seriousness, I do want feedback on the story, good or bad. Please feel free to share your thoughts I would much appreciate your feedback either in a message or a comment.

Read the prologue here