Chapter 2 is Complete (2nd draft)

Hey all, after re-writing chapter 2 multiple times i’m finally happy (as happy as an incessant tinkerer will ever be) with it. So I’m sending out another apeal for book minded foke to provide some feedback if they have the spare time.

You can read the chapter here or start from the beggining here.

In other news I signed up for wattpad, seems like a swish place for free stories, and i’m looking to get feedback/eyes on my work, so you can check it out here.

I don’t know if I mentioned it previously but I approached a professional editor to basically give me a yes/no answer on whether I was wasting my time. I wanted to know if I should concentrate on the writing or drawing. I offered some money just so they knew I wasn’t just looking to waste her time for free help. In the end she didn’t take my money but said I should carry on, at that I have a descriptive knack and present a story well, or some such words. I’ve started a patreon to try and raise funds for for her services to help with my writing, but I’m not really ready to publicise it yet.

That was a quick scattered update, chew it down and if you do read the story, please contact me with some feedback if you can spare the time.

Matt out

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