Life, being married, work and the future.

We had a completely traditional wedding, as you can plainly see. Yay wife! It’s actually been pretty awesome. I just got back today from the first theme park me and the girls have visited. It was in the lady’s childhood town and was wonderful, she missed it greatly when we had to leave, I have to admit it was a really nice town. It made me want to do better for my family. I think I’ve had the blinkers on slightly, where we live isn’t bad! (That’s what I’d think), but really it is. Technically I live in the most deprived area in my county. Every day we walk past drunks and drugged out folks on the way to town. We’ve never been given any problems, but let’s be realistic, it’s not ideal. I took the training wheels off the girl’s bikes about a week ago and they did great. We just had to avoid the bandstands in the park because of the broken vodka bottles and passed out drunks, (it sounds worse than it is, but there I go making excuses again) it’s not acceptable.

I was having a clear out of my fiction bits on the site, character bio’s, locations etc. and realised how far the story had moved on from the original idea. Then I watched one of my vlogs from 6 months ago, apparently, back then I had 6 chapters, which is odd because I only have 5 now. TLDR I’ve moved at an icebergs pace. I need to do better, my business hasn’t grown, my side projects aren’t advancing, I need to do better. No more overwatch, build the business, build the community, make regular content updates. Tell the damn story, make it awesome, sell it! That’s the plan, be prepared for vlogs to make a return. See you soon. Oh and sort my weight out, I’m getting fat.


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