Something just for fun, I was browsing through free stock photo’s looking for something stupid to make, this is the result. The crab looks off because it was tiny and shot with a really small focal depth, the legs were out of focus, but I tried to hide it in the light bleed. Just dumb fun, shoulf have added lazer!.

Get gud: 14 day challenge

Hello everybody, I have come back from the streaming void to begin anew! (I streamed yesterday.) it’s been so long since I’ve painted/drawn anything I managed to pump out some right clangers, So I started on something called the 14 day challenge. You draw a face everyday and seek out feedback for the next days iteration. your not supposed to use reference and it helps you develop your ‘default face’ I might have used a little reference, I sat down and thought ‘How me draw, what face be like?’ so had to look at one, but tomorrow will be proper. This just highlights how important it is to keep your skills sharp as they do degrade, even after just a few short months.



Explody-Lazer Dino Process Video

Well I promised this video about a month ago and it finally went up on my channel. It’s a brief walk through of the dinosaur mash up I did for daisy, Take a look and let me know what you think. I’ve actually re-done the image since the video, with properly licensed photo’s, just for piece of mind.