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Prologue, I wrote one.

I’ve mentioned the voices in my head before, story I mean the story in my head. Can’t remember how much but it’s often enough that no-one cares, well I’ve been squirrelling away, starting to write the thing without making much noise about it. So far it’s mostly unchecked brain spew but I’ve got 4 chapters of […]

Volume is important: Figure drawing

So I thought I’d write this lesson quickly but I plan to expand on it with a youtube video soon. It’s a little bit of a lesson about not giving up, persisting, and get in lots of practice drawings and not polishing turds. Today I was a little down because I was in the groove, […]

Youtube lives again

Just thought I’d throw a quick post out to let you know that my Youtube channel lives again. I’ve started putting up speed paints and my thoughts on my progress, more vids to follow. latest vid previous vid

Week in review: Advance 2 spaces!

This has been a pretty good week for sorting my stuff out, even if I haven’t drawn as much as I wanted. So this is the best thing I’ve drawn to date. What next? if we’re continuing to focus on faces I get some feedback from a few places. Which I will now recite as my […]

Becoming a decent illustrator: Month one in review

So I’ve been drawing seriously (after work and family) again for 4 weeks now, I know because my deviant art profile told me. So I think it’s a good time to review how we’ve been doing with things. I’ve tried to be more active on social media, I’ve been posting anything worthwhile to twitter and […]

What do we want to do with our life?

Hello everybody, it’s been an interesting January for me and I hope you’ve had a good one too. I’ve spent most of this month doing a bit of soul-searching as I seem to do more than actually doing anything, trying to find an actual purpose within my meandering path. Not long ago I wanted to […]

Getting Stuff Done, or not really.

If there’s anyone that reads these blogs and I’m a little dubious of that, you might have noticed that my attentions are all over the place, I spin a lot of plates. This usually means things don’t get the attention they need to be complete/work properly. Things that make you.. alive There’s obviously the things that […]


What happened today? I brought a load of fitness equipment, gotta look good for my wedding in 7 months. I played with Photoshop which was fun, and started a trial on a website that does online courses. I’m supposed to be learning how to write my story but just having lectures on in the background […]

All over the place, as usual

Writing a story now… Youtube’s been on hold for a few months while I finish the streaming rooms renovations, made some good friends on twitch but only stream about once a week, didn’t stick with the game building very long,  gave up on the animation pretty quickly, stuck with the drawing for a while and […]