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Day 6

procrastinated for far too long when I got home from work, watching old anime episodes with the lady. Still once she fell a sleep I rose and sketched for a bit, did a few warm up 30 second sketches, before jumping into an hour long one, try and guess which one. Pondered about colour while […]

Day 5 (8 Really)

Took a few days off and I could really tell, no real reason to slack off I was just watching anime and playing FTL with the lady, but today it took me an hour to get back in the groove, shows how quickly I can stagnate. I really must keep this up I drew with […]

Day 4

here’s today sketches, only managed to get 15 mins in today, a little disappointed but every little helps. I realised I’ve never explained why I’m trying to sketch everyday. It boils down to the short/game I want to make, I have a lot of ideas but I just can’t get them down on paper effectively. […]

Day 3 Sketching

Did an hour long session today though did have a break to watch a bit of thor so ended up nearer to two hours. The lady is being bad and not holding up her end though, we shall have some animation soon, words will be spoken. I did have a set of renders from a […]

Day 2 (feet & Hands)

Always hated drawing hands, don’t think anyone likes it till your an expert and I’m still trying to find my preferred brush in Photoshop. I’ve been watching a lot of concept artists on youtube, and how they build value not nessiceraly outlines and I like that. I’ve been using the tools on this website http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/ if you […]

Day 1

Empty promises before , but from now on at least a few hours creative work a day, here’s part of today’s efforts. You might also see my lady start to post around here soon, I’m teaching her to animate in 3d so blender lessons start tomorrow, lesson 1 bouncing ball. I’m going to try and […]

It Begins Anew

I’ve run lameframe in one form or another for about 10 years, and apart from a brief period when i decided not to renew the domain and lost the .com it simply existed with no real input or work. I now mean to change that by spewing my ideas here in whatever form they come, […]