I Return

Been a few months since I posted, though it’s not because I’m lazy this time, actually been quite busy which is always good. I have a few project maturing which I’ll be able to show you more of soon. Exciting new sites and business type things that seem to be moving in the right direction, happy days. I really want to get back to making creative things I’m really starting to miss my fanatical drawing practice that I was doing, but for now we wait and do sensible things. Not that these sensible things aren’t exciting, they’re just not exo armoured paratrooper tearing through the jungle being chased by shadow mutants. One day I’ll make my film…. See the laundry powder concept up there? That’s a real thing now, something I designed is being sold and everything, doesn’t look like that yet though, it’s in brown bags and zip locks because printing and mechanically filling professional bags is bloody expensive. Once we get through the first few tons there might be the budget to have them done professionally, but so far the reception has been pretty good considering the relative dullness of the subject matter. Pop over to the portfolio section to take a look at some more entries I’ve popped up, all terribly dull, with more to follow soon. I also finally managed to record a couple of tutorial videos for another website i’m working on. I must have started over at least 20 times it’s just not a fun thing at first, but I think I have the hang of it now. So maybe I’ll start doing some tutorials here soon too we’ll see. BYE!


Balls are Squashy and Stretchy

Tonight, I have to admit, I have rushed this a little bit. I’ve rearranged an entire room, sorted out the kids toys and walked a million miles to buy our ratties new toys! So cream crackered….anyway, I’ve done a second bouncy ball with a little bit of squash and stretch. Squash and stretch is in my comfort zone, being more of a 2D animator, I am used to using it to the extreme! It just doesn’t relate as well onto 3D. Something to keep in mind! Tomorrow, I’m going to do an extreme squash and stretch just to see what it looks like lol.

Matt’s Balls

Today’s lesson involves a new ball, and includes some squash and stretch. Deformers in blender aren’t as nightmarish as I thought they’d be, my ball rig is a long way off my ideal biped rigs but there’s 4 different controller acting on it, and they all behave nicely. I was very impressed with the rotation squash and stretch direction remaining completely separate. I had more trouble trying to get drupal to accept html5 video nicely.

Bog Bouncing Balls

Hello, it’s the lady here…Well, after a lot of poking and persuading from Matt, I am learning to animate in Blender. I have never ever EVER even thought about animating in CG. I’m simples, and like the old ways of paper and pencils! It feels weird not being able to feel the paper! Saying that, I LOVE how I can watch what I’ve done right away! Hours of flicking bits of paper about gone. Anyway, I’m starting from scratch. Everything I learnt at Uni is pretty much gone; goo is all that remains from 4 years of raising children.


Learning to animate in blender

Hi people who probably aren’t there, I shall one day find enough time to build a game or a short film, and my lady has decided to help, or maybe I decided she should help. We both have animation degrees so it seems like common sense no? trouble is the lady is very much a pen and paper fan, where as I love me some CG. So we started lessons today, and because we only had about an hour of spare time before bed it was something really simple. The bouncing ball,  stripped right down to the bare minimum, no squash and stretch, no perspective.

The ball drops and it bounces, I intentionally kept it this way so it’s more about learning the completely baffling interface as a newbie than trying to get the perfect animation, once your comfortable with your controls we can refine the animation using the right tools, but for now I thought I’d introduce and get her comfortable with those tools before we sweat the details. This is the scene I put together for the lady to practice with, we’re starting with the far left one, as we progress we’ll move to the right.

After the hour or so of practice we both had functioning bounces, I was really impressed with the lady’s progress so I’ll be posting our renders soon. Tomorrow we will start from scratch and be adding in rotation and lateral movement. The graph editor can be really confusing at first so we’re taking it slow. I think I may add a tutorials section over the weekend and put these lessons up for others to try, my homework before long will be to rig a ball with descent squash and stretch controls. Never tried rigging in blender, and my maya ones were always pretty basic so we shall all be learning, more drawings tomorrow!!

Day 6

procrastinated for far too long when I got home from work, watching old anime episodes with the lady. Still once she fell a sleep I rose and sketched for a bit, did a few warm up 30 second sketches, before jumping into an hour long one, try and guess which one. Pondered about colour while I was drawing and when I should start trying to include it. Colour’s never really been my strong point, sure I know the basics of colour theory and the various sets of complimentary choices, but that doesn’t mean I’m very good at using them. It is however one of the areas I want to improve the most, artists who excel at using light and colour in their works make me incredible envious, which sound more sinister than it should. but you can see in today’s sketch I spent a great deal of time on the light, even finding bounced light within shadows, and whole new patterns of shadows within shaded areas, any other day It would have just been “shadow” really was worth getting out of bed to do this session today.



one more thing, I lied when I said I’d leave the kitchen alone, chalk it up to a slow day at work I really want to change the white cupboards, they make the whole kitchen look cheap, but then I’d have to change a whole raft of other things and like I said yesterday too much time spent already.

Finished For now

Finished For now

Day 5 (8 Really)

Took a few days off and I could really tell, no real reason to slack off I was just watching anime and playing FTL with the lady, but today it took me an hour to get back in the groove, shows how quickly I can stagnate. I really must keep this up I drew with thinner strokes and went for more outlines today, couldn’t tell you why. Installed a lightbox finally, runs as smooth as my bike, my pedal fell off again today, click the thumb for a larger image if you can see it, tiss pale, i’ll add a border, talking to myself again.

I also have some CG work that I’ve been working on.. need more work, work work work, take a look

You can see it going from boring grey kitchen that I was very unhappy with, to boring black and white kitchen, with over saturated worktop and bad lighting that i’m not happy with, however I have to stop because I’ve poured far too many hours into a project that I can’t really justify using work time on any longer so this is how it will stay. Comments, suggestions or feedback of the helpful kind is always welcome, and may one day be acted upon.