I was really up for some drawing today. The kids fell a sleep super early, i’d hoovered done the washing and loaded the dishwasher by 7 I was set, I grabbed a boozy ginger beer and sat down to work, at first it was going ok, I got some gestures in, then attempted a few silhouettes to get some ideas for my strike suit. I went off in search of a feedback forum to try get some advice and when I came back it just all went to Hell. I think by that point I was on my second bottle of grown up juice and instead of loosening me up, it just clammed me up, oh well here’s today drivel, gonna go for an early be me thinks. I might pick this one up again later and perverse a bit.



So day 15 of trying to draw everyday it’s probably more like day 30 because I’ve missed a few days, but still this is the 15th day where I’ve managed to meaningfully put pen to digital paper. It’s a good day, I didn’t do any life drawing or intentionally set out do draw a finished picture, I wanted to get a feel for the character in my head down on paper. Now I didn’t achieved that goal, no where near, it will probably take many many more sessions before I even come close to something I’m happy with. However I do feel really positive about what I produced, not because it’s good or finished, in all honesty it’s pretty much garbage, but it’s an improvement over the last time I tried about 2 weeks ago. I wouldn’t even say the drawing are better than that time, they’re probably not.

So why am I so excited? because it flowed I pulled poses out  of the air with abandon, I wasn’t hung up on proportion or anatomy, I was just trying to get a silhouette that read the way I felt, and for a moment I got a glimpse of something that I was aiming for, something that I can build on, for me it was a feeling of growth and it was awesome, still a long way to go, long long way, but I now feel like I’ve taken a step

Stared at blank paper for ages again, poses flowed a tiny bit easier this second time around, but they weren’t good poses so I’m not sure if that’s progress or not. I had to remind myself that I’m not aiming for grand mastery of character art, just enough skill to develop my ideas properly for the 3d work. I have been collecting a lot of reference and inspiration though. I’ve collections of skeletons and muscle diagrams though I will be looking for better ones in the future, they seemed to help, so the more I use them from now on the better.

I almost didn’t post today’s stuff, I got precious again I spent 3 sketches worth of time on the shaded sketch, even though I don’t like the damn pose then I erased most of it anyway, dumb. I’m not happy with any of today sketches the personality of the character in my head still alludes me on paper, I have realised I need to work on larger canvases, I need a lot more zoom than I currently have access to if I want to start doing faces.

For the last couple of days I got a bit hung up on trying to find the exact ratios I should be using, I started watching a lot of tutorials and became obsessed with measuring thing like the head length needs to be the length of the sternum, half the head length = the distance from the chin to the pit of the neck, another head length below the sternum should get you the top of the pelvis. I became overly concerned with exactly hitting these markers and then I confused myself and things just went bad, without much concentration I’ve been hitting most of the markers any way so I shouldn’t have gotten needlessly concerned.

I missed a day of life drawing and then I didn’t do much useful today either. I’ve been desperate to start my character designs and I jumped into it today but I should have just done some more practice. I did a bunch of sketches i’m not happy with and ended up erasing most of them, spent a long while on a few in particular before they got painted over, they were nice enough faces but it just wasn’t the character I wanted, it didn’t match the person in my head and so a few darlings got murdered, I definitely got precious today

Anyway here’s 4 sketches that escaped the chop, rather than try to actually draw the character I’ve just tried to convey her personality in the poses, which I really struggled with. I must have been sitting at the tablet for hours not thinking up usable poses, truth is I just can’t draw to the standard I want without reference, so I guess that mean much more practice. Unless anyone out the has a picture of a young yet gifted rookie soldier with a little bit of a cheeky side who can do a triple back flip in power armour, anyone?