I have a few hours step 1

I managed to find more time than I expected tonight, and the drawing seems to be flowing better. Above is the longer drawings and below the gestures.


More Practice

I tried to render an image again today, it didn’t go well I’ve done much better much quicker before but that’s what lack of practice does to you I guess. Here be today’s work.


WIPI’m still trying , still forcing myself to produce drawing I don’t like in the hopes that one day I will like them, for the past 3 days I did nothing useful, that’s how I would put it. I think I was just relearning muscle memory, and how to use a pen again. today for at least a brief period marks seemed to be going down where I wanted them and I was happy with the figures and gestures I was pumping out. So that’s progress. I also managed to start my measuring stick piece.

I saw a video a little while ago from concept cookies YouTube channel the guy who does the live streams there re works an image every year to see how his skills have improved, so I’m doing that too. I’m trying to do a group photo of the characters from my story since I’ve never managed to put any of them down in a meaningfully way so this will be it. I took a day to find a pose/setup I was happyish with, I’ve realised I struggle to spontaneously come up with poses but practice should help that. I left it over night and today I worked on a scene and composition and some rough line work, not yet sure what the but thing is they’re sitting on, it’s either a rock or the severed hand of a giant robot. The work in progress is above, and today’s gesture drawing are below. I’m going to keep working on this image until it is the absolute best image I can do at my current level then in about a years time i’m going to revisit the piece and redo the idea as best I can then. Hopefully I should see some improvement.



I have stupid fingers

1I really have to remind myself not to expect greatness instantly, it’s going to be hard and take dedication, but I will do it. I’m contemplating signing up to a concept art course. Learn at your own pace type stuff, I’ll probably be signing up after Christmas if finances permit.

Did the class thing on this site http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing/ it gives you a load of poses quick at first getting longer, I think it’s a great tool but I really need to join a forum somewhere get some feedback.


Back to drawing

I managed to find some time to draw yesterday which made me happy, nothing exciting, just some gesture drawings. I did a few pages but discarded the first few before I managed to get back into the swing of it. Not much to look at but i’m happy just to be doing something again. These were 1 minute poses.

I was watching some youtube game plays yesterday too. I really want to have a go at this game.

Head 40

Up to the 40th head, today, not a great or expedient picture but I spent quite a bit of time studying mouth muscles after some advice on a concept forum, I’ll spend the next few days studying the jaw and mouth in greater depth. Found a few good resources for anyone that’s interested.

and a written version of the proko tutorial on lips with some usefull images.

3D Scull scan that you can move around

Here’s today gestures and warm up sketches.



Off day

I was really up for some drawing today. The kids fell a sleep super early, i’d hoovered done the washing and loaded the dishwasher by 7 I was set, I grabbed a boozy ginger beer and sat down to work, at first it was going ok, I got some gestures in, then attempted a few silhouettes to get some ideas for my strike suit. I went off in search of a feedback forum to try get some advice and when I came back it just all went to Hell. I think by that point I was on my second bottle of grown up juice and instead of loosening me up, it just clammed me up, oh well here’s today drivel, gonna go for an early be me thinks. I might pick this one up again later and perverse a bit.



Head heads 38 heads

More heads, I did some really bad drawing but got totally into the last one, It’s not great I didn’t bother to test for feature placement on the rendered one because I was happy with how it was going, the system works (I think), while I was working I had a few youtube videos running, it was nice to see the trials a professional artist goes through, makes me realise they’re human too. This video. I’m hoping I’m improving but I really need some guidance and feed back, I need to find some forums.




here’s the warm up before the faces.warm-up

heads and some figure drawing.

Last nigh I broke into the 30’s I think 33 heads drawn so far, it a little hard being so anal about feature placement alone, I get a little disappointed that I’m not finishing any pictures, since I get so little time drawing, but I’m hitting feature reasonably consistently so even if I don’t have anything I’d show to any body I know it’s working. I realised last night that I’m struggling with the neck and shoulders without the body to draw comparison lines/angles and distances with, so I’m going to modify my get good at things schedule, to remove the 100 heads and shoulders and work it into the torso practice. Here’s my warm up page from today


I thought I’d post the reference photo’s I used this time in case anyone’s interested. The faces come from a very useful deviant art account, and the figure drawing used the pixel lovely tool again.






Also give credit to proko once again for his youtube tutorials, which I use to construct the heads very much recommended.


Day 16 Chipping away

Bit of practice today, very little to write home about, but I did rediscover a site I used a few times a long time ago. posemaniacs which offer a different type of experience to the other pose drawing tool I’ve been using lately. The pose angles are a lot more extreme, you will get poses where you say WTF I can’t draw that, but it’s good to try, also the models are CG and there’s no real lighting so it’s a very different tool but just for pose practice as the title suggests. It’s also a lot stricter  there’s no pause button and you can’t skip back or forward so it forces you out of your comfort zone I’ll pop back there now and again I think.