Or maybe I didn’t get precious I just spent a very long time on a picture, I did quite a few sketches first so I’m not mad at myself. I must have spent 2 hours on the first image, I’ve never painted a back lit subject before and painting with such a narrow range of value with the occasional super highlight was great practice (I think).


day-9I have problem with overworking things, I get too far into a piece and can’t just let it go, you might have noticed none of the sketches I’ve done are polished, which is very abnormal for me. In the past I’ve had a tendency to obsess till every line is crisp and details a polished, even if the anatomy is bad or the scene is just plain boring and so I have a very limited set of work. I was watching some tutorials on youtube earlier, about how to practice and the vlogger said something that rang very true for me. “you need to draw lots” well yueaa, but there was more, when you don’t have alot of work you get precious, you do a drawing and finish it and say yes that’s done I will put it on the wall (or perhaps a substandard portfolio page on your website) the piece is precious to you, even if it’s not great, it is one of your few pieces of work. That was me, I have a few piece that I like, that I consider OK, not professional standard but better than mr smith off the street. I want desperately to be able to churn out quality character art, but I can’t while I’m obsessing over mediocre pieces, essentially polishing turds.

I consider these life drawings that I’m doing not to be some of my best sketches, I’m happy with them, every time I do one I can feel a little improvement but I’m having to be very strict with myself, after the reference image flicks away, that’s it, I move onto the next image and start again. When the time is up I resize my image, save a web copy and delete the original, I’m refusing to get precious over these, nearly broke my rule today and saved the image and reference to work on later, but I must not because there will be plenty more once I realise that I don’t have to obsess an polish I can get on with practice and getting better.

Today’s sketch went OK, I kept getting pulled away from the drawing to give an opinion on a ball bounce or help with the occasional blender control, but I’m really happy that she’s remembering controls, using them without me prompting, and remembering hot keys, I never though I’d be excited to see someone using hotkeys. The lady made her longest animation yet today and she got into the tweak cycle, watching an animation over and over adding in an minor adjustments, in the continual pursuit of perfection. I’m really excited and so is she.

I have a renewed business plan with a friend of mine and I spent a bit of time working on plans and procedures, there is immense potential and hopefully we can make a sustainable business in the near future. The down side is I was tired by the time I got round to drawing, and by the time I found my groove it was late and my eyes were starting to sag even though my brain really wanted to continue with that momentum, still here’s what I have today.

day8Ok so I’ve been doing a sketch session a day for 8 days now (lies I missed a few days) and here is today’s offering, I’m definitely enjoying it and I think I’m improving though I really like one of the images I did on day 1.

I like day 7 results better than 6, 6 better than 5, but then I like 4 and 3 better than 5, and maybe 3 better than 6? So I don’t know, maybe I’m improving, I can say I’m more comfortable with a wider tonal range, and I think I’m definitely getting quicker. Maybe once I get to day 30 I’ll be able to tell if I’m getting better. I am enjoying drawing again though no doubt, so hopefully I’ll get to the pay off point where I’m able to start conception my characters well.

I was 3/4 of the way through this when windows decided to shut down for updates, I managed to save an untitled doc in some random location before the complete shut down, luckily I received advanced warning when, for no particular reason, my editing software asked if I wanted to save my project before quitting. I didn’t ask you to do that was my first though, followed by I am slightly peckish, then I remembered the warning about imminent shut down that I had postponed 4 hours ago, 4 hours really flies when your engaged in something, engaged enough to forget about the random shut down heading your way. in any case I can’t select the life drawing image on the website I used so I no longer can carry on with this pic which I was enjoying, still it’s 2 mins to midnight and the universe is telling me it’s bed time. Click the image for the complete set of today sketches.



procrastinated for far too long when I got home from work, watching old anime episodes with the lady. Still once she fell a sleep I rose and sketched for a bit, did a few warm up 30 second sketches, before jumping into an hour long one, try and guess which one. Pondered about colour while I was drawing and when I should start trying to include it. Colour’s never really been my strong point, sure I know the basics of colour theory and the various sets of complimentary choices, but that doesn’t mean I’m very good at using them. It is however one of the areas I want to improve the most, artists who excel at using light and colour in their works make me incredible envious, which sound more sinister than it should. but you can see in today’s sketch I spent a great deal of time on the light, even finding bounced light within shadows, and whole new patterns of shadows within shaded areas, any other day It would have just been “shadow” really was worth getting out of bed to do this session today.



one more thing, I lied when I said I’d leave the kitchen alone, chalk it up to a slow day at work I really want to change the white cupboards, they make the whole kitchen look cheap, but then I’d have to change a whole raft of other things and like I said yesterday too much time spent already.

Finished For now

Finished For now

Took a few days off and I could really tell, no real reason to slack off I was just watching anime and playing FTL with the lady, but today it took me an hour to get back in the groove, shows how quickly I can stagnate. I really must keep this up I drew with thinner strokes and went for more outlines today, couldn’t tell you why. Installed a lightbox finally, runs as smooth as my bike, my pedal fell off again today, click the thumb for a larger image if you can see it, tiss pale, i’ll add a border, talking to myself again.

I also have some CG work that I’ve been working on.. need more work, work work work, take a look

You can see it going from boring grey kitchen that I was very unhappy with, to boring black and white kitchen, with over saturated worktop and bad lighting that i’m not happy with, however I have to stop because I’ve poured far too many hours into a project that I can’t really justify using work time on any longer so this is how it will stay. Comments, suggestions or feedback of the helpful kind is always welcome, and may one day be acted upon.

day 4

here’s today sketches, only managed to get 15 mins in today, a little disappointed but every little helps. I realised I’ve never explained why I’m trying to sketch everyday. It boils down to the short/game I want to make, I have a lot of ideas but I just can’t get them down on paper effectively. I life draw well enough given a sufficient amount of time, but I lack the skill to put my characters and concepts down in an reasonable time frame without reference. I’ve choreographed fight scene in my head on a daily basis while waiting for my train home from work, but I struggle to translate the ideas into images and fail at my animistics. So I guess I’m grinding my skills to borrow from gaming terminology, I don’t want to become an industry leading concept artist just want to be good enough to record my ideas and flesh them out/develop them effectively as developing ideas in CG is just a massive time burn. I realised that while I was working on the armor suit without a solid foundation. Any way here today offering.

day 3

Did an hour long session today though did have a break to watch a bit of thor so ended up nearer to two hours. The lady is being bad and not holding up her end though, we shall have some animation soon, words will be spoken. I did have a set of renders from a kitchen I’ve been working on to show you too but I left them at the office so they can wait a few days. must must must theme this site soon, what kind of web designer has a default theme for years on end. FYI the guy with the axe, the model was actually posing with an axe, I didn’t just start arming my stick men.

day 2

Always hated drawing hands, don’t think anyone likes it till your an expert and I’m still trying to find my preferred brush in Photoshop. I’ve been watching a lot of concept artists on youtube, and how they build value not nessiceraly outlines and I like that. I’ve been using the tools on this website http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/ if you select the “class” format it gives you a series of life drawing photo’s with gradually Read more

Day 1 Sketches

Empty promises before , but from now on at least a few hours creative work a day, here’s part of today’s efforts. You might also see my lady start to post around here soon, I’m teaching her to animate in 3d so blender lessons start tomorrow, lesson 1 bouncing ball. I’m going to try and get her to post her results so you should be able to see our progress mine in sketching and kats in 3d. I started with a few pages of 2 min gesture drawing and then did a couple of longer ones