Photoshop is one of my better skills, so I’m quite happy that people have taken a liking to a merging I did for daisy, of course we couldn’t leave willow out so she gets a unicorn. There are a few more in the works so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do those soon, then there’s been interest from some internet people, who knows maybe theres a business in this. I’m opening up commissions soon so we’ll see. In the mean time I’ve started up a new short story that i’m working on so I’ll post about that soon. That’s it for now.

See you next time!


What happened today? I brought a load of fitness equipment, gotta look good for my wedding in 7 months. I played with Photoshop which was fun, and started a trial on a website that does online courses. I’m supposed to be learning how to write my story but just having lectures on in the background while I do other work doesn’t seam to be working. Something more fun, see these before and afters.

Photoshop is fun, I like photoshop. Would anyone like a video on how to do this? I could do that if you’d like. I just used the fitness equipment I am sore now. I think my brain is broken. I’m gonne sleep now. See you again soon!