I Return

Been a few months since I posted, though it’s not because I’m lazy this time, actually been quite busy which is always good. I have a few project maturing which I’ll be able to show you more of soon. Exciting new sites and business type things that seem to be moving in the right direction, happy days. I really want to get back to making creative things I’m really starting to miss my fanatical drawing practice that I was doing, but for now we wait and do sensible things. Not that these sensible things aren’t exciting, they’re just not exo armoured paratrooper tearing through the jungle being chased by shadow mutants. One day I’ll make my film…. See the laundry powder concept up there? That’s a real thing now, something I designed is being sold and everything, doesn’t look like that yet though, it’s in brown bags and zip locks because printing and mechanically filling professional bags is bloody expensive. Once we get through the first few tons there might be the budget to have them done professionally, but so far the reception has been pretty good considering the relative dullness of the subject matter. Pop over to the portfolio section to take a look at some more entries I’ve popped up, all terribly dull, with more to follow soon. I also finally managed to record a couple of tutorial videos for another website i’m working on. I must have started over at least 20 times it’s just not a fun thing at first, but I think I have the hang of it now. So maybe I’ll start doing some tutorials here soon too we’ll see. BYE!


Long Gap, Back with some webdesign

Hi people who might or might not be there I’ve had a long break almost a month, but aside from a big of burn out I’ve been focusing my efforts in another direction, I’ve been trying to get my web business up and running so I can spend more time drawing and work on my sci-fi junk, funny how we get to the things we want. Here’s some things I’ve been working on, I’m going to turn it into a portfolio section for web design me thinks.

First site I’ve been working on is  for a pub in a small village, it’s not live yet but can be seen it here hopefully it’d going live in a few weeks, it’s been given the theoretical go ahead.