Took a few days off and I could really tell, no real reason to slack off I was just watching anime and playing FTL with the lady, but today it took me an hour to get back in the groove, shows how quickly I can stagnate. I really must keep this up I drew with thinner strokes and went for more outlines today, couldn’t tell you why. Installed a lightbox finally, runs as smooth as my bike, my pedal fell off again today, click the thumb for a larger image if you can see it, tiss pale, i’ll add a border, talking to myself again.

I also have some CG work that I’ve been working on.. need more work, work work work, take a look

You can see it going from boring grey kitchen that I was very unhappy with, to boring black and white kitchen, with over saturated worktop and bad lighting that i’m not happy with, however I have to stop because I’ve poured far too many hours into a project that I can’t really justify using work time on any longer so this is how it will stay. Comments, suggestions or feedback of the helpful kind is always welcome, and may one day be acted upon.

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