I was 3/4 of the way through this when windows decided to shut down for updates, I managed to save an untitled doc in some random location before the complete shut down, luckily I received advanced warning when, for no particular reason, my editing software asked if I wanted to save my project before quitting. I didn’t ask you to do that was my first though, followed by I am slightly peckish, then I remembered the warning about imminent shut down that I had postponed 4 hours ago, 4 hours really flies when your engaged in something, engaged enough to forget about the random shut down heading your way. in any case I can’t select the life drawing image on the website I used so I no longer can carry on with this pic which I was enjoying, still it’s 2 mins to midnight and the universe is telling me it’s bed time. Click the image for the complete set of today sketches.


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