I don’t think my blogs usually stick to one subject, this is no exception. I’ll jump into the most interesting news, my realisation that everything I buy is mildly disappointing. Being a British stereotype that I am, I accept this as normal and politely move on with my day. I never even realised it till today. I buy lunch with reasonable frequency during the work week, I eat it and forget about it today I had a revelation. “This is nice bread” it’s crunchy and doesn’t taste like damp sponge, “what a delight” exclaimed the monocled man in my head. The filling was average but god damn I was impressed with the non day old bread and then I thought, why am I impressed? because this isn’t a disappointment? This sandwich is palatable, colour me impressed, and that’s when I realised for months and months I’ve just been mildly disappointed with near enough everything I’ve brought. My lunches always suck, meals out are expensive and disappointing, my recent headphone purchases:

  • On earphones, good sound too tight & hurt my ears.
  • Hook-over earphones, comfy as fuck, shit sound quality.
  • Over-ear-phones, too big and bulky.

My 15 year old headphones recently broke, and I love them and just want them back. Nothing is as good. Blood hell I’m an old man. I’m contemplating a new vlog series, mildly disappointing reviews: the story of everything.

More Exciting News

The Lamefame store is open! see the shop tab at the top? that’s a shop. it’s got some nerdy goodies in it. Shipping is free over £15 for most countries. There’s a few items which are really crap see if you can spot them (hint:they have crap in the name). So the shop is a bit of a way to help support our Lameframe activities, money will go towards out streaming and video editing setup the first purchase will be a second pc for Kat and me to stream together. So if you are in the mood pick up some merch and help support Lameframe.


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