I missed a day of life drawing and then I didn’t do much useful today either. I’ve been desperate to start my character designs and I jumped into it today but I should have just done some more practice. I did a bunch of sketches i’m not happy with and ended up erasing most of them, spent a long while on a few in particular before they got painted over, they were nice enough faces but it just wasn’t the character I wanted, it didn’t match the person in my head and so a few darlings got murdered, I definitely got precious today

Anyway here’s 4 sketches that escaped the chop, rather than try to actually draw the character I’ve just tried to convey her personality in the poses, which I really struggled with. I must have been sitting at the tablet for hours not thinking up usable poses, truth is I just can’t draw to the standard I want without reference, so I guess that mean much more practice. Unless anyone out the has a picture of a young yet gifted rookie soldier with a little bit of a cheeky side who can do a triple back flip in power armour, anyone?

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