So day 15 of trying to draw everyday it’s probably more like day 30 because I’ve missed a few days, but still this is the 15th day where I’ve managed to meaningfully put pen to digital paper. It’s a good day, I didn’t do any life drawing or intentionally set out do draw a finished picture, I wanted to get a feel for the character in my head down on paper. Now I didn’t achieved that goal, no where near, it will probably take many many more sessions before I even come close to something I’m happy with. However I do feel really positive about what I produced, not because it’s good or finished, in all honesty it’s pretty much garbage, but it’s an improvement over the last time I tried about 2 weeks ago. I wouldn’t even say the drawing are better than that time, they’re probably not.

So why am I so excited? because it flowed I pulled poses out  of the air with abandon, I wasn’t hung up on proportion or anatomy, I was just trying to get a silhouette that read the way I felt, and for a moment I got a glimpse of something that I was aiming for, something that I can build on, for me it was a feeling of growth and it was awesome, still a long way to go, long long way, but I now feel like I’ve taken a step

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