Hi people who probably aren’t there, I shall one day find enough time to build a game or a short film, and my lady has decided to help, or maybe I decided she should help. We both have animation degrees so it seems like common sense no? trouble is the lady is very much a pen and paper fan, where as I love me some CG. So we started lessons today, and because we only had about an hour of spare time before bed it was something really simple. The bouncing ball,  stripped right down to the bare minimum, no squash and stretch, no perspective.

The ball drops and it bounces, I intentionally kept it this way so it’s more about learning the completely baffling interface as a newbie than trying to get the perfect animation, once your comfortable with your controls we can refine the animation using the right tools, but for now I thought I’d introduce and get her comfortable with those tools before we sweat the details. This is the scene I put together for the lady to practice with, we’re starting with the far left one, as we progress we’ll move to the right.

After the hour or so of practice we both had functioning bounces, I was really impressed with the lady’s progress so I’ll be posting our renders soon. Tomorrow we will start from scratch and be adding in rotation and lateral movement. The graph editor can be really confusing at first so we’re taking it slow. I think I may add a tutorials section over the weekend and put these lessons up for others to try, my homework before long will be to rig a ball with descent squash and stretch controls. Never tried rigging in blender, and my maya ones were always pretty basic so we shall all be learning, more drawings tomorrow!!

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