A soldier from the infantry Division applying to the 1st airborne Brigade. Somewhat short compared to his peers, he is an outstanding marksman but tends to be quite and withdrawn.


Large knob-head, support weapons specialist from the Armoured Division. Broad as a tree with a chip on his shoulder nearly as big.


Becket has been a soldier for 16 years, starting from a green recruit in the infantry division at the age of 16. He is currently head of recruitment and training for the 1st Airborne Division. He has a wife and 2 children who he loves dearly. Becket lost his parents and extended family during a manifested incursion and harbours a predictable hatred for anything manifested. An excellent soldier with an unyielding spirit, he was reliable and steadfast in his duties and successfully joined The Rangers at 20 years old. He was selected by Major Lithia to join her reformed first company and served with distinction for nine years. A back injury threatened to end his career but the newly promoted Colonel Lithia placed him in overall comand of recruitment and training for the entire brigade.

Possessing a mischievous sense of humour (and a stupid grin – col. Lithia) Becket provides a sense of normality within the training compounds of the 1st Airborne Brigade, always looking for the deeper potential within people and willing to see past their flaws to reveal it.


Luna is the younger sister of Rhea, she shares the same adventurous spirit as Rhea but without the protective/caring tendencies of her elder Sibling. Distant and abrasive bordering on Rude.

Luna falls into the underground manifested scene exhibiting a morbid curiosity and perhaps a softer side in trying to ease the trauma experienced by some of the manifested individuals in hiding. (think tokyo ghoul, though less high powered individuals, more mutants that didn’t quite evolve right). This world is a dichotomy of excess and squalor, desperately clinging to the shadows for fear of absolute obliteration. If the security forces were ever to discover their presence retribution would be immediate and absolute.

Luna attracts the eye of a powerful but largely benign manifested individual with no strong agenda. Her small stature but Iron will endears this individual to Luna and it is known that she is under his protection. Possibly a very temporary situation, damaged minds can be unpredictable despite the harshest of threats.

Luna Squirrels away food for those suffering in sewers/tunnels usual cliches. Going as far as to steal food for this purpose, and spends much of her time in the clubs/hangouts of the manifested where humans are generally treated as commodities, food sources or play things. Though Luna is afforded grudging autonomy within the more civilised sections, partly thanks to her benefactor, partly due to her sisters military rank and the need not to attract the attention of the military.

Rhea attracts the ire of that dumb guy, a manifested supremacist, during a heated exchange over a minor scuffle forcing her benefactor to intervene. This draws him out of his neatral/ambivilent bubble and forces him to align himself against the manifested who want to bring down Avaria and run amock. Simultainiously shattering his little world and placing them both in extreme danger, they are being hunted by the worst facets in a society malformed misfits, monsters, canibals and murderers. Happy fun times.

I’m thinking Rhea has just lost Lithia at this point and who would normally be the most supportive and caring person in the world is currently angry, emotional and dealing with a fair dose of internal hate/strife. Fireworks ensu whe Luna cames to her for help.




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Later she becomes member of space program.. woo! I dunno

The Crooked

The crooked are a small humanoid species that walk on a combination of legs and arms. They have rarely been observed and shun most sources of light, seeming to prefer subterranean environments. Perhaps they were once a tribe of humanoids who mutated many decades ago into the twisted beings rarely seen today. They share similar features and biology with the citizens of Avaria and a level of inteligence that is greater than commons beasts, having been observed performing / following preset instructions.

Intelligence indicates The Crooked Live in cave systems and burrows at the foot of the mountain ranges in the continental mainland. The Crooked have also been seen in the tunnels beneath Solaris


Rayne was born on the continental wasteland part of a semi nomadic human tribe, one of the few bands of humans that have managed to retain a semblance of society while being surrounded by the constant danger of the continent.

Rayne was part of the warrior class within the Ostas, tasked with the protecting Solaris. Possessing of an outgoing demeanour and more comfortable mingling in the city streets, than mixing in the warriors hall. As is common amongst the Ostas warriors Rayne was lithe and athletic, above average in height with a fighting style that made use of the verticality of the mountain terrain home land.

by the age of 24 Rayne was a respected figure within Solaris, partly due to his reputations as a protector but more as a result of his sociable demeanour that was sorely lacking in the majority of the warriors. Over the years Rayne lost many friend and comrades fighting to protect Solaris and became convinced that the seemingly random attack from the wild beast were being co-ordinated in some way. The larger beast of the Forest and plain could not traverse the sheer slopes and mountainous terrain of the Ostas home but they still had to defend themselves from leather winged flyers and smaller beasts that crawl in the night and make off with the sick, injured and small.

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Lithia has been a soldier as long as she can remember, climbing through the ranks quickly to colonel at the age of 28. She is now the commander of the 1st Airbourne Brigade. She leads the 1st Airbourne Brigade, The Rangers, and continues to serve with her first company, The Waywatchers. Her duties are to collect information about enemy movements in the mainland and distribute it to the relevant defence forces, on occasion she is also required to commit forces to standard battlefield engagements when the need is dire enough. She takes an active role in the training of new recruits for the Brigade and personally hand picked the 100 soldiers of the first company.

Lithia is extremely skilled with both small arms and in hand to hand, she favours null point, blunt weapons over blades. Her combat style contrasts with her personality and has been described as fluid and dance-like by those who have seen her in battle. She focuses on mobility and gymnastic movements, remaining elusive and using the devastating power of null point weaponry to deliver a crippling blow when the enemy is off balance.

She is entitled to a personal dwelling due to her rank but has not yet requested one and lives in the modest quarters of the various Airborne bases. Lithia is utilitarian, years of service in the continental wasteland have resulted in a pragmatic approach to all things and doesn’t engage in small talk or needless pleasantries. In conversation, she is direct to the point some might consider rude and rarely softens her words believing the swiftest resolution to any problem will come from presenting the facts as plainly. This unpersonable attitude has cost her some allies amongst her fellow officers and won her the grudging respect of others, she refuses the pull of internal politics preferring to focus on the duties of her soldiers.

She trusts few people and would call less her friends. The two notable exceptions being Becket who she has placed in charge of training new recruits and a middle aged engineer from the second line who now operates a repair shop on the second line, who she visits frequently when off duty. The one personal item that Lithia holds dear is her strike suit, customised for her by the same shop keeper, it is now unrecognisable from the original model. Lithia has a natural talent for mechanics, though she lacks formal training, and meticulously maintains the suit herself, ignoring the services of the division tech crews.



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Rhea is a young recruit from the Airbourne Brigade. She was coerced into the Airborn Academy at the age of sixteen and graduated a year later, joining a rapid response Company in the 3rd Combat Brigade. After 3 months of lacklustre service, she was undergoing disciplinary action with the threat of dismissal, during this period she was approached by Becket and invited to join the Rangers selection process, which she accepted.

Prior to entering military service, Rhea trained as a gymnast, beginning casual training at the age of Seven and reaching the highest leagues of professional competition by the age of thirteen. Possessing a small stature ideally suited to gymnastics she has excelled at physical tests but has struggled with her mental fortitude and combat skills.

She is the eldest of three siblings, Luna 3 years younger, and Thule 10 years younger. Rhea survived the destruction of her childhood home at the age of ten, but lost her mother and younger brother Jake, Luna’s non-identical twin, during the invasion. After the incident her father became increasingly distant, spending a great portion of his time on his work for the Council. He died 6 years later in a work accident at a Science Council research outpost. Rhea gradually became the matriarch of the family after the incident that drove her from her childhood home, splitting her time between caring for her siblings and satisfying her passion for gymnastics.

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Pre military


Rhea in military


After Manifested

General Bad Man (needs new name)

General Bad Man (name pending) is the the apparent instigator of the the attacks on the colonies defensive lines. He has managed to bring the tribal beasts under his control and has been observed directing large numbers of primitive tribal forces in battle, most of which were previously believed to be incapable of tactical considerations. His powers of influence also seem to extend to the creatures and beasts of the wasteland & jungle. General bad man’s incursions are often accompanied by the large mutated behemoths that inhabit the wastes and packs of smaller, faster creatures of all types known and beyond, creatures that have exhibited only base instinct and rudimentary pack behavior have been observed fulfilling tactical roles like harassing flanks, and breaching weak points in defensive lines.

It is obvious that bad man has a manifestation that allows him to impose his will over the primitive inhabitants of the wasteland to a greater or lesser extent, whether through communication, coercion, chemical, pheromones, physical force or mind control is unknown though the science division would relish the opportunity to study his cadaver. In addition to this  ability to bend the lesser species to his will Bad man has exhibited abilities from the shadow branch of manifested abilities making short instant hops across short distances, often leaving a gaseous trails of smoky residue along his traveled path.

Motives remain unclear as does his goals beyond death and destruction of every organised beacon of civilisation.

matts non story technical notes/ideas to play with

Mr bad man is a bit of a combat beast with a large scale tactical edge, using his short range teleport to close on foes rapidly and withdrawing from danger equally effectively. Within combat this ability is effective at ranges of roughly 10 meters, increasing this distance requires an exponential increase in concentration and physical/mental exertion and would present a very real vulnerability if used while in combat. none the less he can teleport over great distances and has been spotted all over the mainland causing extensive problems for both Avaria and Solaris.

Matt Spoilery story notes & ideas

General bad man is working with the leader of the faith keepers. though they don’t desire the same outcome in the long term, in the short term they both desire chaos and carnage.