Strike Suit

The Strike suit is one of the most, if not THE most, important piece of equipment employed by the Avarian military. The strike suit is what allows a normal soldier to fight and compete with the beasts and horrors that prowl Avaria. The suit amplifies a wearers strength, speed and reaction time providing an almost level playing field for the military to face it’s foes. A strike suit provides a sealed environment for the wearer with air filtration systems built into the lower half of the helmet, with a small supply of oxygen and a CO2 scrubbing system for limited use in emergency situations. The helmet contains a collection of sensor equipment providing vision in both the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum, enhanced audio and tactile information to the wearer.

Communication systems are present in the suit but the range is limited to a few km. This range can be extended when the suits are within range of the more powerful equipment present on  mechanised combat units, drop ships and many other vehicles or installations.

There are a number of variations on the strike suit deployed by the different units and divisions. These variations provide the brigades with specialised functions and abilities needed to fulfill their specific role.

SS 63-D: Standard issue Strike Suit: Provides a appropriate balance between speed and protection. Employed by the majority of the Infantry Division, and a number of units in the Airborne combat divisions.


4d36fed26000722d60ed480044345117SS 81-F:  Light variant: Employs small thrusters which enable small leaps of roughly 8 meters  vertically or 24m horizontally. Used extensively by the 1st Airborne Brigade and other units in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Airborne Combat Divisions. Specialist units within the Infantry Division also employ the 81-F variation.


SS 76-H Chunky: Heavy variant used by support weapon specialists – The heavy variant sacrifices speed for structural strength and resilience, providing extra support to cope with the recoil of larger infantry based weapons or simply more protection for flatfooted soldiers. – The chunky can be seen deployed in large numbers throughout the Armoured Division and to a lesser extent within the Infantry Division.


SS 65-H Stocky: The Stocky was intended to fill an awkward role within the Airborne’s Combat Divisions. Balancing the need for rapid strike and lighting warfare tactics while providing the option for a heavier armament than a standard Strike suit. It has been made available to the Military but has so far seen few units utilise it feeling the benefits are nominal and outweighed by the drawbacks.


w_a_s_p___sci_fi_character_concept_by_trevorcorbin-d5549tySS 94-F Falcon: Extremely light and maneuverable with limited flight abilities – exclusively employed by the Waywatchers.




Inspiration & ideas

Null Point Baton

The Null Point Baton is a complex and difficult to produce weapon. Rarely seen in operations. It seems like a simple blunt weapon, though perhaps a little slimmer than would be useful in combat. The advantage of the null point technology is the amplification of kinetic energy. The shaft of the baton contains an exceptionally dense string of particles suspended in a field that prevents them from vibrating. The particle field violently repels any mass interacting with the core, resulting in roughly a tenfold increase in applied force. A meaningful strike with a null point baton can leave an opponent a bloody streak on the floor.


Lithia’s Strike Suit

Lithia’s suit started out as a standard model SS 52-D Standard issue Strike Suit. An older model than those currently in circulation. As models have advanced however Lithia has refused to exchange or upgrade her suit with the Military Technicians, Prefering to trust in the expertise of a (Lithia’s Father Figure) who has routinely maintained and upgraded Lithias strike suit to the point where it is now unrecognisable as a 52-D. This process has happened gradually but has essentially afforded Lithia a completely customised and tuned suit That greatly out performs even the Newest Falcon models.

(Lithia’s Father Figure) has spent a great deal of time effort and heart crafting and tutoring Lithia in the working and maintenance of the suit. A subject she embraces with gusto, having a knack for keeping machines functioning even under duress.

Spoilery bit/ideas

(Lithias father figure) has imbued a portion of his spirit into Lithia’s Strike Suit. The suit has a will of it’s own, not in the sense that it can think and act but it is attuned to Lithia and desires to protect her. Reacting to thoughts and feeling behaving like an extension of her limbs, providing keener reading without her realising or viewing the HUD, think a 6th sense.

After Lithia Faces General Bad man and is fatally wounded, the Suit forms a cocoon around the injured Lithia attempting to incubate her from the hostile environment.

The cocoon gives Lithia it’s strand of spirit and proves a catalyst for Lithia to manifest as a machinist, giving up its fragment of life in the process but bonding with Lithia, the 2 becoming much greater than the sum of their parts.

I somehow need to make people feel sorry for a suit of armour, that’ll be fun. I don’t know if Lithia Should absorb the armour becoming part of her body, or if she can then simply manipulate it by thought as a high functioning machinist might. I don’t think she should actually become mechanical till after the titan incident.

MLS-220 Havoc

The havoc missile system fires a carpet of miniaturised missile pods a short distance in front of the vehicle, it’s designed to clear a safe area of hostile combatants immediately before ground forces disembark.


A multi barrelled coil gun. It uses magnetic rings lining the barrel to propel a variety of slugs at extreme speeds, the most common being a solid metal canister that can transfer an large amounts of kinetic energy into a target or area.

The multiple barrels help to dissipate the extreme amount of heat generated allowing a fire rate of up to 300 rounds per minute, while remaining accurate at ranges up to 3000m. Under specific configurations a single shell can have an effective range of 50km.

MLRS-130 Brimstone

The Brimstone system is a cluster missile system, designed to eradicate multiple targets over a large area. The larger variant of the starfall containing larger racks and bigger warheads.

MLRS-60 Starfall

The Starfall is a cluster missile system, designed to eradicate targets over a large area.

ADS-113 Multi Flakk

The maulti flakk is an autonimous weapons platform that can be deployed in an area to keep the air clear of flyers automatically and for extended durations. The cannons are completely autonomous and will work with other units when deployed en mass to keep the skies clear over large areas. The muti Flakk fires a fragmentation shell that contains a number of sensor systems.

53_picsThese include a time fuse that can be set using data from the emplacements radar or laser tracking systems, as well as acutely sensitive vibration/audio sensors which can detonate the shell when in close proximety to lifeform. Engineers boast that a properly calibrated system can detect the heartbeat of a flying mutant and detonate if passing within 2 meters. A simple shrapnel laden explosion is enough to tear through the wings and flesh of most flyers who tend to be light weight and fragile when compared to their grounded cousins.

The multi flakk is an exceptional effective weapon system with a compact footprint that has kept many soldiers safe since its first deployment.