Second Line

The second line is the former bead basket of Avaria, in recent decades it has become more metropolitan, the islands were never fully tamed and retain regions of dense forest and wilderness. The islands lack the square footage required for the massive creature of the continent to exist here, but smaller beasts still prowl the wild areas and the infantry and airborne division patrol frequently. There is beauty to be found in the contrast and harmony the citizens of the second line have crafted between their rugged surroundings and the gentle establishment of civilisation. A manifested incursion is still a threat anywhere within the second line, their lands are not “safe” as the inner circle claims to be. but life could be considered pleasent here, certainly more relaxed than in the inner circle now that the burden of food production has shifted to the colonies.


Solaris village is the mountain home of the Ostas, Solaris doesn’t have much in the way of written records but folk law and anecdotal evidence suggest the population of Solaris has remained steady for the past few hundred years at around 400 people.  Solaris sits atop the mountain range known as the Ostas, a name the inhabitants have also adopted for themselves. Though small Solaris owes its survival to it’s remoteness and inaccessible slopes, sitting at the top of almost sheer rock faces on all sides.

Solaris spans both the external faces of the peak comprising mostly of wooden structures protruding from the slopes and subterranean warrens carved deep into the mountain. The Ostas have become adept at growing many species of fungus within the cave structures of Solaris, using the many different species in many medicines, as a major food source and even for bio luminescence lighting deep within the cave structures.

The inhabitants have become very skilled at working with the knotted & twisted trees that survive on the mountain sides. These generally thin & twisted leathery trees protrude from the mountain side and bring a sense of life to an otherwise barren environment. Providing nesting ground for numerous species of flying creatures that for the most part remain indifferent to their human neighbors.

Mainland Mountain Range

The Colonies

The colonies are the first attempt by the Avarian civilisation to settle the lands beyond their own chain of islands. The dangerous expansion was spurred on by the growing population and the need for land to produce food. Life in the colonies is a harsh and often brutally short. The Military has a thick presence on the settle continental territories with nearly half the active soldiers deployed there. The Airborne and Armoured divisions in particular maintain the bulk of their active forces here. The Armoured division is concentrated on the defensive line and numerous fortified strong points providing as much protection to the settlers and natives behind them as possible. The Airborne divisions responds to incursions as they are detected, providing defence in areas where the Armoured and Infantry divisions forces are smaller than a threat may demand.

The colonies border the great forested areas to the north and the planes and arid regions to the west. The First Airborne division (the rangers) operate beyond the defensive line providing intelligence on native activity and advanced warning of emerging threats. Much of the settled land has been consumed by fields and grasing land, these pastures are patrolled heavily by the infantry divisions yet attacks by roving packs of beasts are common, as are incursions by manifested horrors that require destruction with extreme prejudice.

People disappear here, resources are stretched and people are desperate but there is no other option, Avaria demands produce.

Mainland Rainforest

Mainland Plains

Continental Mainland

The Floating Citadel

The floating citadel is a massive artificial construct at the centre of the inner circle.  The citadel is roughly round in shape and measures 3.5km in diameter. The Citadel is the central gathering place for the upper echelons of the Vindico, each of the 5 clans maintains a presence on the citadel with living quarters, offices, armories, training facilities and any other installations the clans choose to build within their sections. The central chamber is the meeting room for the most powerful individuals of each of the clans, the leaders come together when circumstance demands co-operation between the Vindico for the greater good of Avaria.

Matt’s notes/ideas

The clans are civil to each other, at least on the surface, but scratch the surface and you will find a web of  fragile deals and alliances brokered between uneasy partners. You would be wise to walk softly while in the citadel,  it is seen as the seat of Avarian power, and individuals who are drawn to the corridors of the Citadel might not always have others best interests at heart.

Super secret spoilery things/ideas

After Lithia Returns from the jungle as a Manifested she is summoned to the Citadel, she exhibits tenancies that draw her towards the machinists, but because of her extensive martial experience within the military is also pulled towards the sentinels, the combination of her manifestation and innate combat skill creates waves within the Citadel. As a newly turned Manifested individual she exhibits high level abilities, has extensive combat experience and an iron will, she rebukes attempts to guide her into the folds of one of the clans and hold high rank/extensive influances within the military. The combination of these factors make a lot of the Vidico elders uncomfortable.

Elder rat bag (name pending) sees Lithia as a person who will cause trouble with his plan to force the occurance of events from an old prophesy. In his heart he believe she is the person spoken about in the prophesy but would never admit it to himself or anyone else as she does not identify with the faith keepers, and sets about her removal, this results in a number of confrontations between the 2, both before and after the titan incident, all of which take place on the citadel.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is the most densely populated piece of land in the known world. The Islands were settled by a nomadic group of humans searching for a safe land to settle and live, following the directions of a prophet they journeyed to find the island chain and eventually founded Avaria. The islands were not uninhabited but compared to the mainland could be considered gentle. After settling and making safe a small island the tribe spread slowly, settled and expanded to settle the entire ring over the coming 900 years. How a nomadic trib survived and grew is a matter of debate amongst contemporary scholars

At the present day the inner circle is a solid metropolis, dominated by massive skyscrapers, gleaming transport rails and staggering architecture. Towering above even the tallest of buildings is the skyring. Each island in the chain is connected by the massive structure which provides transport, living space, scientific installations, docking facilities, sensor banks and weapons platforms, the structure is so vast it could be considered a city in its own right.

The inner circle houses the majority of Avarias population in densely packed living quarters. However the over development leaves no space for agriculture, there are a number of hydroponic facilities but they are woefully inadequate to support the current population. Food needs to be imported from the outer ring and the mainland colonies.

There is heavy military presence with military outposts, armouries and training facilities common throughout the islands.



The Avaria Archipelago is split into 2 areas, the central island ring (The Inner Circle) and the outer island chain (The Second Line).

Both sections have been settled by Avaria, the inner circle is a solid metropolis, while the second line contains areas of wilderness, agricultural land and is dotted with built up settlements.

The colonies are mostly agricultural land enclosed by a ring of walls and forts where possible.

The Mainland is made of vast plains to the west, and heavily forested regions to the north east, the mainland becomes more mountainous to the north beyond the forest regions. What lies beyond the mountainous regions is unknown.