The Ostas

A tribe of humans who live deep within the continent, numbering 400 people the population has remained roughly constant according to anecdotal evidence. The Ostas live high on the peak of a mountain in a village named Solaris and have done for hundreds of years according to folk law.

The Ostas are hardy individuals, who have developed into an athletic people skilled in the craft and use of mostly wooden weapons. Using the leathery vine like trees that survive in the mountainous area they inhabitants, they have learned to produce incredibly powerful bows. By infusing layers of the already flexible leatherwood with a tar like concoction made from the combined extracts of certain luminescent mushrooms that are cultivated within the cave network, they can produce bows with incredible strength to weight ratio.

Every member of the Ostas is expected to defend their home at a moments notice, regular drills and competitions keep the peoples skill keen, with most favouring the quarter staff, spear or bow, with dedicated warriors possessing rarer bladed metal weapons.

The Wildlings

The wildlings are one of the five great clans of the Vindico, they claim a connection to Gaia and embrace nature and all things associated. The Wildling Believe there is a spreading infection, one that has ravaged the world and ensnared their mother Gaia. The rage-filled monsters that inhabit the continent exist because of this taint and they dedicate themselves to finding the source and eradicating it. Manifested individuals who join the Wildlings often exhibit empathic qualities, they are in tune with their surroundings and are adept at reading people and places. Not through body language and subtle signals but through an unsettlingly sharp sense of intuition. Other Wildlings have formed bonds with wild animals, some even calming and subduing rampaging beasts, and forming lifelong bonds of loyalty to one another. Rarer still are the shapeshifters that have learned to take on beastly forms to varying degrees, ranging from hulking tree like brutes to lithe preternaturally nimble forms that resemble the Fae of legend, and everything in between. The wildlings are welcoming to all but slow to trust, they will always look for the bust in a person, but their empathic tendencies have more than often left them disappointed with Avaria’s inhabitants. Despite the dark times they remain hopeful for the future, their mission gives them purpose and they intend to see it fulfilled.


The Sentinels

The Sentinels are warriors without peer. Individuals that manifest great strength speed and endurance generally find a home within the sentinels. They maintain a strict code of honour amongst their members and would generally hold themselves to a higher degree of self control and composure than the other clans. Though usually slow to anger god help an individual who attracts the ire of a Sentinal.

Life amongst the sentinels is composed mainly of training and implementation of these skills. Sentinels can be found mingling with the population of Avaria more commonly than the other clans. Patrolling and guarding against the beasts that are a an omnipresent threat. The sentinels will usually attempt to tackle the worst threats that threaten the citizens of Avaria before the military has a chance to respond. On one hand this is is a matter of pride and honour for the sntinels, on the other it has undoubtedly saved the lives of many soldiers.

There is no one path to excellence within the Sentinels. They learned long ago that over specialisation leads to swift extinction and so a great variety of fighting styles and weaponry is used by the Sentinels. An individual is encouraged to excel in whatever they feel works for them, and masters in every discipline freely share their techniques and knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn. Progress and self improvement are the by words of the Sentinels. From Deadly marksmen to warrior monks the sentinels embrace all fighting styles, so long as it helps you split the skull of a beast, go nuts.

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The Magus

Superior pricks, one of the 5 manifest clans, believes that all gifts/mutations are basic energy manipulation and those that can’t do it properly are simply inferior.


The Machinists

Faith Keepers

One of the 5 mainfest clans of Avaria, believe that godly being still have influence and a plan for the being below. They provide their gifts and blessing and it is up to civilisation to proove themselves worthy to be saved by cleansing the world. Big on wings and golden light


The Vindico

The Vindico are the unseen puppeteers guiding and influencing Avaria, unseen and unknown to the general populace. They are well placed in almost all areas of governance from the science directive to the military, they are able to guide and influence Avaria as they see fit.

The 5 Clans

There are many in Avaria that count themselves among the Vindico most of whom are members of one of the 5 great clans. These groups of increadiably powerfull individuals identify with their peers along a commonality in  philosophy and to a greater or lesser extent similarities in their manifested abilities.

The Machinists

The smallest of the great clans, the machinists have an innate understanding of technology and craftsmanship in varying areas. Many of them are peerless artisans who seek perfection in form and function of their creations. The Machinists have made considerable contributions to Avarian society, many or the technologies and equipment that the military relies on were designed by the machinists. The most powerful among the machinists have become so in tune with their craft that they are able to augmented their bodies with their creations some are said to be able to grow complex machines at will.

The Sentinels

Peerless warriors who dedicate their lives to perfecting their skills and attaining greater mastery of their martial skills. The Sentinels are generally headstrong and confident and strongly loyal to the brotherhood. Members often exhibit immense strength and/or reflexes adapting their chosen combat style to suit their enhanced abilities. Though they spend many of their days training there is very little structure to be found within the sentinels. The diversity found within each manifested means a rigid curriculum would be unsuitable for a large number of potential neophytes and would hinder personal development rather than encourage it. The training halls would seem chaotic to the uninitiated but members are encouraged to learn from every source and to expand their experiences against new opponents daily. Sentinels should be adaptable and prepared for anything.

The Wildlings

The Magus

The Faith keepers

The Manifested

Unknown quantities in the world, much of the current danger that faces Avaria is attributed to dangerous manifested animals and people.

Any living being can manifest, the reason why is unknown and the results of the manifestation vary wildly. The only thing that is known for sure is that manifested creatures exhibit incredibly dangerous abilities in completely unpredictable areas. Countless citizens have died at the hands of manifested jungle beasts who have rampaged through human settlements, the inhabitants powerless against the grotesquely mutated behemoths. Humans who one day begin walking on 4 limbs, their spines contorted in unnatural angles, their fingers replaced with metal talons sprouting from their palms skulking through the cities and forests of Avaria, or any number of other grotesque mutations can cause a person to become a monster.

Recuring manifested

Though new species are discovered frequently, there have been many sightings of distinct subsets of manifested on the continent falling into broad categories.

Avarian & the manifested: Folk tales, Myths & Legends

Tales and folk law go back long before modern records began, with the Avarians forever teetering on the brink from the threat posed by the manifested. The earliest legends speak of a nomadic tribal society, who lived short lives and died young, ruled over by powerful beings who exhibited strengths and abilities that could be likened to modern manifested.

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Hidden in plain sight

The untold variety within the manifested has led to rumors of manifested living among the populace, silently waiting for their time to strike. The Science directive has made no official statement on this subject, though there have been no official known cases of manifested being discovered blending in with citizens, but with the unpredictable nature of manifestations nothing can be ruled out.

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The cult of Rebirth

1st Airbourne Company: The Waywatchers

The Finest the Airborne have to offer, possibly the best within the entire military, only the best are invited to join the first Airborne company, skilled and determined even by Way-watcher standards. The Waywatchers are special individuals who take on the most dangerous missions behind enemy lines. Litiha is the current CO of the Waywatchers, refusing any promotions that would take her out of active rotation.

Waywatchers count themselves as the only unit in the military that is, when necessary, capable of operating as individuals in hostile territory. This allows them to operate in a more clandestine fashion than a regular 4-8 man recon unit, and for a longer period of time because of their increased skill and smaller operational footprint. The 1st company maintains it’s fighting strength at 100 and the size of squad deployed varies depending on their objective, ranging from 1 individual to to a full section of 20 soldiers.