The Wispis an extremely light and manoeuvrable vehicle. piloted by a single individual and used for personal transport, reconnaissance and limited combat engagements.

Lithia is particularly fond of the Wisp.

VT-M Dropship

The VT-M (Vertical take off medium) is the workhorse of the Avarian military, the Vt-m is a large vehicle capable of transporting and supporting a sizeable fighting force. The craft is made up of 3 sections, one central compartment and 2 side compartments. Various configurations allow The VTM to transport  a maximum of 100 people at absolute maximum. Under combat circumstances the VT-M usually carries between 60-80 combat ready troops with a supporting Mechanised unit and a command section.

The central compartment has a divider between the front and back compartments, the front section and the side sections can be configured to transport a mechanised combat unit. The rear/central compartment can be configured as a command centre.

The VT-M is armed with a number of small caliber firearms slung under the wings with a havoc missile system installed over the cockpit.


VT-S Dropship

The VT-L (vertical take off light) is the smallest class of dedicated air transport, supply and evac craft. With a maximum transport capacity of 22 personel.

Reaper Combat Unit

Slow moving heavy combat mech used for holding ground and reinforcing strong points.

Paladin Combat Unit

Large combat mech suit, armed with a range of weapons for medium to short range combat. The defining feature of the Paladin is the close range armament which inspired it’s name, the paladin is equipped with a ceramic composite blade and shield.

Paladins are complex machines with many levels of protection and armaments, designed and built to be as resilient and deadly as possible. The honor of piloting a paladin is one a privileged few will ever have, only given to the most experienced and capable pilots. There are a number of paladin units spread throughout the infantry and armored divisions. The armored divisions first company (Apollo Company) is a specialist division made up of 100 Paladin units and supporting personnel, the most elite the armored division has to offer.


Lycan Combat Unit

Highly mobile combat mech widely used by the airborne division due to it’s speed and light weight compared to other mech units. The reaper is a close combat specialist utilising high fire rates and melee weapons, fitting with the fast, hard hitting strikes favored by the airbourne. The Lycan is the fastest mobile armour unit within the military, and is capable of sprinting on all 4 limbs, in combat the Lycan fights in an acrobatic & free flowing manner, using multiple attack vectors & able to keep multiple enemy combatants at a healthy distance.


AAF Amaranthe

The Amaranthe is a laviathan class airship that was present at the Amaranthe incident and which was the name sake of the incident.

Laviathon Class Airship

The science directive maintains a number of large airships they are used for extended exploration sorties over the mainland. They contain extensive laboratory facitities and holding cells for  samples of flora and fauna collected on their expeditions.

The laviathon has a small armament for its size but it is sufficient to keep it safe when airborne. There are 6 flack emplacements on the bottom of the airship that can cover a 180 degree sphere below the ship.

The leviathon carries a compliment of airmen for defence and away missions. The leviathan also has a docking platform towards the rear of the ship that houses a dropship.