I have a couple of WIP Fiction novels on the go. have a Read and send me some feed back, I would be eternally greatful.

Forest Stalker is a story about a young guardian living in a forest on the fringes of civilisation. As a member of the sanctuary she is responsible for stopping the land in her care falling to a long vanquished Shadow, while dealing with a distrustful local population and a pompous absentee Tutor. I started Forest Stalker because my first story (see below) was growing massive in scope and I wanted something with a smaller focus to practice on.

I started the manifested in 2017 after playing with the idea for about 10 years. It was my first attempt at writing and it grew quickly once I started plotting it all out. 4 books and multiple spin offs so far. I add to it every now again and I will finish it, but for my first dip into writing there are too many viewpoint characters and factions to manage and I want to do the story justice so I’m cutting my teeth on Forest Stalker first. Feedback is still much appreciated if you would like to read what is there so far.