Stared at blank paper for ages again, poses flowed a tiny bit easier this second time around, but they weren’t good poses so I’m not sure if that’s progress or not. I had to remind myself that I’m not aiming for grand mastery of character art, just enough skill to develop my ideas properly for the 3d work. I have been collecting a lot of reference and inspiration though. I’ve collections of skeletons and muscle diagrams though I will be looking for better ones in the future, they seemed to help, so the more I use them from now on the better.

I almost didn’t post today’s stuff, I got precious again I spent 3 sketches worth of time on the shaded sketch, even though I don’t like the damn pose then I erased most of it anyway, dumb. I’m not happy with any of today sketches the personality of the character in my head still alludes me on paper, I have realised I need to work on larger canvases, I need a lot more zoom than I currently have access to if I want to start doing faces.

For the last couple of days I got a bit hung up on trying to find the exact ratios I should be using, I started watching a lot of tutorials and became obsessed with measuring thing like the head length needs to be the length of the sternum, half the head length = the distance from the chin to the pit of the neck, another head length below the sternum should get you the top of the pelvis. I became overly concerned with exactly hitting these markers and then I confused myself and things just went bad, without much concentration I’ve been hitting most of the markers any way so I shouldn’t have gotten needlessly concerned.

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